• bts suga yoongi btsfanart agustd yep it happened and the world is on fire this picture also fits to the mental issues of The Last pls read the trans if you can auriee •
bts suga yoongi btsfanart agustd yep it happened and the world is on fire this picture also fits to the mental issues of The Last pls read the trans if you can

#AgustD no.10 so far away 

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my gifs bts gs jimin this took me a while park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga yoongi min yoongi jimingif yoonmin yoongif faves yesyess but they're so precious am cry
Sebastian Stan Give it back p: sebastian stan this picture is most likely the worst thing that ever happened to me also the worst picture to ever grace this earth i regret this immensely and first of all i think how dare you who gave you the right and what makes you think you're allowed to this picture is the reason our government is failing i can and will write a political thesis on this image how and why it destroyed our democracy you don't deserve that captain america comic you're touching
my gif jimin Bangtan suga yoonmin i can't remember if someone giffed this already? but i'm on a giffing spree today anyway and yooonnmiin yoongi you're such a butt it's okay i know how you really feel yoongi okay i think i'm done with gifs for today
my gifs supernatural my stuff dean winchester sam winchester 1kto10k theboywhorunswithwolves My queue is seeing a therapist but still hasn't revealed what happened woooow I am not tagging all of those episodes but if you want to know go ahead and ask also hey nina thebrother-.... the entire time I was making these I was like 'I wonder how many of nina's tags this fits in'
1k game of thrones gif* got jon snow tropes ygritte i loved doing this gotedit got** jy** jon** ygritte** for the accidental marriage one i advise you to look on tvtropes.com to have explanations because i think it can be confusing if you haven't read the books also this is a mix between the books and the show (obviously the big damn kiss is only related to the show) i'll probably do it again for jon only and ygritte only i want to thank my bestfriend for introducing me to the fabulous world of tropes oops long tag
my gif jimin Bangtan suga yoongi yoonmin jimin pls i know yoongi is pretty but now is not the time to check him out but this seriously reminds me of when you're trying to subtlely look at your crush but then they look over at you and you're like CRAP MUST AVERT MY EYES QUICKLY NOPE I WASN'T LOOKING AT YOU NOPE NOT AT ALL LAALALALA i know i already have this gif in a gifset but i wanted a big version of it because i have no self control she giffed too much yoonmin will go on my tombstone
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mine Avatar: the last airbender also i spent a lot of time on this! mostly on figuring out how to get the photoset layout tbh rainbows! ok but actually pls reblog this it was a lot of hard work and i'm really proud of it ok
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1k mygifs bts Bangtan suga yoongi min yoongi bangtan suga bts suga so cute but really... the 2nd gif tho... i'd buy all the candy in the world if u'd like @u@ cr: it's your day!
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