• bus public transport image macro welcome to the internet i'll be your guide thats-so-meme •
bus public transport image macro welcome to the internet i'll be your guide

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Big Bang edit: mine edit: big bang I'll be with you when you disband. I'll be there to support you all when you go your separate paths. I'll be there through the scandals and issues offering my support. I'll be there. brb gonna ruin the mood by doing Taeyang's I'll Be There dance
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Today is July 1st. Today is your "I'll start tomorrow." Today is your "I'll start on Sunday-so it'll...
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sherlock supernatural superwholock superlock john watson crossover Crowley I made The Reichenbach Fall swl1 and then crowley leaves and mutters to himself: I'll be damned if Watson isn't the spitting image of Aziraphale thank you amynotamelia for implanting that thought into my brain this is how I deal with reichenbach feelings mpp
I read Moviefone's Girl's Guide to 'The Avengers' So You Don't Have To
Hey, did you know that girls are DUMB? Moviefone does! They wrote a really super specific GIRL’S GUIDE TO ‘THE AVENGERS.’  Girls, we know you’re just going to this movie because your boyfriend wants to see it. I mean, we drag them to romcoms and chick flicks all the time, it&...
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When your computer says that it's connected to the internet but nothing will load.
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Reblog if talking to strangers on the internet has helped you meet awesome people who add positively...