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but sorry

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but sorry
feminism isn’t drippy letters or embroidery or pizza or frida kahlo or punk rock or the words “cunt, slut, and whore” pasted or sewn onto every article of clothing you own feminism isn’t based in hate or misandry or lighting stuff on fire feminism is not “kawaii̶...
sorry but fuck you
when ya friend jim getting a lil antsy
do you know what’s worse than slow internet?????
  • guard:oh here come the faggots
  • guard:why are they so skinny
  • guard:do not jump into the crowd i don't want to grab your crack
  • guard:why are there 12 year old girls throwing bras on the stage
  • guard:what am i doing with my life
eleanor calder i'd say sorry for all of the eleanor but i'm not sorry
assassin's creed ACedit 1k* haytham kenway 2k* sorry but im not sorry ggif* ggifgame* acgif*
can this just be a weekly thing because i need an excuse to post all of these pictures and i have quite a few and i can’t just leave them to sit on my computer forever never seeing the light of tumblr and it’s not like anyone will appreciate these anywhere else also can i j...
gif by me exo Kai i'm sorry but i'm not sorry baekhyun suho chanyeol
doctor who gifs* dw* dwedit sorry but i'm really not sorry
My body has always been one of my biggest problems.