• Captain America but still just for the lulz steve has guilt issues steve had someing to prove not the first to point this out im sure constant-instigator •
Captain America but still just for the lulz steve has guilt issues steve had someing to prove not the first to point this out im sure

Also, just throwing this out there to make people sad, but…

When he’s thawed out he’s laying down. He was frozen laying down. And the plane hit the water when he was in the pilot seat- we saw that.

Which means he wasn’t knocked out by the initial impact. And it doesn’t look like he drowned, either. He had time to see his expected death coming, after the impact, and lay himself down. My guess is some internal injuries from the crash, followed by freezing to death inside the plane.

So just go ahead an add a little scene in your head of Steve surviving the crash, but knowing that wet and isolated on a field of ice, in a plane that’s still sinking, nobody would get to him in time. But he knows he’s done his job. So he lays down, and closes his eyes, and maybe wonders if anyone will ever find his body, and bring it back to be buried by his mom and dad, since Bucky never was buried. But either way they’ll have a service for him, and that will be nice, and the priest will say the words and he’ll be at rest. And he feels bad, leaving his men, and he regrets everything he never told Peggy, and that he won’t be there for her now, but at least he did his part, right? He got the job done, and that’s what counts. If he dies alone, bleeding out and freezing, that’s all that Bucky got, to. So that’s all right.

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Captain America but still just for the lulz steve has guilt issues steve had someing to prove not the first to point this out im sure
mine iron man tony stark The Avengers Captain America Steve Rogers stevetony uggh okay asdlkjasdjdas let me write here for a second because even if you don't ship these two bastards there's something to be said about this this is the first time steve calls him 'tony' before that it's 'stark' and 'mr stark' and just very formal greetings it's very tense and irritated and they rub each other the wrong way but then coulson is lost and steve sees this side to tony who is angry and trying to rationalise and deal with loss and maybe steve sees the guilt there the compassion that hid under the exterior for a little while the man beneath the suit of armour tony is another soldier just like steve even if he won't admit it this is a moment in which the avengers become a TEAM this is the leader of the avengers reaching out to his teammate not as someone who annoys him but as someone who is on his side is it weird to write meta in your own tags for your own graphic no just checking okay
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Steve Rogers mythings bucky barnes stevebucky marveledit captainamericaedit the irony here hurts me so much bucky died the day captain america was born and he hated captain america and loved steve and steve saved everyone but the one person he had set out to save in the first place they should've just never left brooklyn ugh also so sorry for the coloring this movie is so daaark
spoilers my posts 5k Captain America Steve Rogers Thor age of ultron I'm pretty sure in the comics Steve is able to pick up Mjolnir when he stops calling himself Captain America and only calls himself Captain?
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Steve’s face when he’s about to be kissed (likely for the first time ever) is the reason I’m dead inside. 
* Captain America Chris Evans *gif Sebastian Stan marveledit everything is so much and!!! how that dynamic completely shifts after the serum!!! because bucky realises that he can't protect steve anymore!! the way steve and bucky need each other is so so different after steve becomes cap THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH BYE also this is a really old interview but it still hurts
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The Avengers Captain America Steve Rogers argh howard stark agent carter marveledit mine: marvel agentcarteredit the fact that Howard died thinking Steve would never be found causes me a great deal of pain no but i didn't ask for these feels AT ALL and they all just got DUMPED on me and i don't know what i'm supposed to do
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