• cartoon !Mine gravity falls gf spoilers stan pines !gravity falls not what he seems breezyowl •
cartoon !Mine gravity falls gf spoilers stan pines !gravity falls not what he seems

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*** anna frozen elsa frozen* frozen spoilers elsanna bonus: kristoff almost falls because he was looking at anna
art film Marvel bucky barnes Sebastian Stan Captain America: The First Avenger The Winter Soldier cap 2 spoilers captain american: the winter soldier they created such a wonder
my gif 1k spoilers supernatural dean winchester 5k spnedit mollshoopers daddy's blunt little instrument bowlegschester deanwinterchester jnsenackles dean: self loathing dean why cant u see what i see :'((( [single tear falls] followed by many more
shingeki no kyojin attack on titan
From Summer Falls by Amelia Williams
my gif gif anime omfg what am I doing /DEAD tsuritama deeead he just falls like it was nothing this nigga dont give two shits about life
my gifs the vampire diaries damon salvatore ian somerhalder tvd dsaw damon salvatore appreciation week
1k american horror story *** AHS ahs coven coven spoilers i like this a lot more than the other thing i posted
katniss everdeen Peeta Mellark Catching Fire everlark cf spoilers that's love in her eyes don't tell me it's not
jesus christ by me trigger warning: hanging trigger warning: suicide archetype series nothing crueller than loving and being loved by a prophet the kingdom of god is within you because you ate it judas iscariot the love of the disciples was overwhelming and so was their jealousy would jesus not have chosen the one he loved best to destroy him; to raise him up on the cross that humanity might be saved? would he not have wanted love to be the driving force behind his pain? would that not have made the unbearable bearable? if judas was driven by a greed; by an evil; was gripped by satan as they say would it not have crept in through the faultlines in his soul left gaping wide open by exposure to the sheer force of adoration and transcendence that always breaks us all wide open and sends us running terrified from what we see there? was judas acting in fear or in greed or in love or in holiness or evil? the answer is always; has always been; all of it the son of god does not die by accident not by the hand of random malice or greed no; he dies by love; every time my judas feels are incomparable and overwhelming and highly unique a traitor is never just a traitor (well that's it in a nutshell) biblical subversion trigger warning: crucifixion
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