• Kitty: *Sits on the keyboard, making one long draw... cat vine idk that much about instruments but i did my best lol kittyvines •

Kitty: *Sits on the keyboard, making one long drawn out synthesized note while a human accompanies them on an acoustic guitar*

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Kitty: *Sits on the keyboard, making one long drawn out synt...
1k * Teen Wolf anyway *tw stydia twedit why idk *stydia scottmartinski argentsemma i'm sorry but when did i turn into a 80% stydia blog???? when???? did??? they???? take???? over??? my??? life???? i'm so fuckinG done with these two i swear to god they have taken over my life and my everything it's like why why why you guys gotta be like that also i feel like sharpening 780p is much better than sharpening 1080p? WHY go cry about this i know i will
1k ~ mine edit THG cf Mockingjay finnick odair thgedit annie cresta i tried my best lol idk what i just did but it was a request so... hi anon i hope you like it :) oh and for finnick i used old edits that are on other finnick edit lol but they're mine so... and I was too lazy to edit them again he
idk what animal this is, but i want it - more vines
LOL funny tumblr MY EDIT Seungri daesung top taeyang gd rofl tag ri bigbang SUE ME Tae it took me a while dae ji BUT I DID IT yes i did it we're so funny reason 7364372 why VIPs are the best fans and we love our boys so much
mine lauren jauregui dinah jane hansen otp: maybe they're just meant to hug my face all the time [cries] otp i could write paragraphs about how much i care about this dynamic and i'm not gonna lie to you i almost did just write a paragraph and a half on them in the tags but then i noticed a typo and the fact that i was just rambling about faces and i had to go back oh i forgot to tag laurnah I'VE MADE SO MANY MISTAKES
pretty little liars hanna marin emily fields spencer hastings aria montgomery *gifs pllgif this is a weird giset i made a lot time ago but never posted and now that i have no time to make anything new i think its time to share it e sorry the emily one move to much it was difficult to erase the background i did my best emily and hanna laugh and spencer and aria are like wut idk this make any sense sorry guys?
i’m glad you existand i’m honoured to exist at the same time as youyou are a collection of starsand i’m so happy to be a part of your galaxy
exo suho jm: gifset2 that quality sucks i know but i did my best i swear
MY EDIT Robert Sheehan the mortal instruments Jace Wayland jamie campbell bower simon lewis tmiedit i know this has been probably made thousand times (i don't have time to go through everything under tmi tag to check) but i need these two bickering put into one gifset (since jacexalec's banter has beed reduced to practically nonexistent at least they did these two the justice and eugh please be in everything and bicker all the time so remember when i was reading the books first time and these two were bickering on almost every page and i thought to myself wow what a giant surprise it would be if main heroine had this lanky neurotic babbling best friend and this heroine meets misterious guy all leather and gold hair and badass skills and there are gazes and banter and constant battle of wits and tension and OOOH PLOT TWIST it turns out that it's not about this guy having hots for the heroine BUT FOR HER BEST FRIEND? it's not that i'm invested in shipping these two but oh you know me i'm a sucker for male banter since forever (i'm that cheap and that easy oopsie) and all the possibilities of tunrning it into all pining romance is forever on my christmas and general list
NEW VIDEO: “The Return Of My Eyebrow Piercing” -...
gif Harry Styles One Direction idk ' 2010!!! this is not one of my best gifsets but it took me like 2 hours?? and i dont even like 17 y/o harry that much 4th and 5th are in that phase of changing but i didnt find any thing else hd so wow a novel