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Character Development Questions

Send me one or more and I'll answer these in depth questions
  1. What’s an important lesson your muse has learned over the past few years and how has that changed the way they live?
  2. How does the time your muse lives in influence their lifestyle? Are they happy they’re born in their time, or do they fantasise about a different era?
  3. Does your muse focus mainly on one long term goal or multiple short term ones? What do they think about the reachability of their goals and what are they?
  4. Is your muse an optimist or pessimist and how does this influence their choices?
  5. Does your muse have any irrational fears that hold them back in life? Do they come from experience (trauma) or is it, for instance, part of a belief system they have?
  6. Is your muse looking for a long term relationship? Are they in one? What do they think of marriage and binding themselves to someone?
  7. What does your muse get out of relationships (be it friends, family or a significant other)? Do they find it energising or exhausting to keep up with?
  8. How selfish/selfless is your muse? To what extent would they sacrifice themselves for others and is there anything they’d not give up?
  9. What does your muse think of time/aging? Does getting older scare them? (Alternatively, for immortal muses: How does their immortality effect their relationships with mortals?)
  10. Does your muse believe one should always work hard to get what they want or would your muse take a kind offer without feeling the need to repay it? What do they expect when they lend/give something to someone?
  11. What are your muse’s thoughts on race? Are they biased/racist? Are they aware of discrimination; do they participate in it or do they ignore it? Are they discriminated against?
  12. Is the way your muse sees themselves similar to how others see them or is it (very) different, due to mental illness/keeping secrets/etc.?
  13. When faced with a tricky situation will your muse be proactive or passive? Will they, for instance, try to get involved when they’re not or will they try to get away when they are?
  14. Do they take control or give control or do they believe in sharing power? What are their thoughts on control versus submission (either sexually or in relationships in general)? What do they think of authority?
  15. How materialistic are they? Do they often throw things out or are they hoarders? Do they store their memories in their heads, in photo albums or in countless of boxes of belongings in the attic?
  16. Are they addicted to anything at all? Do they crave something when they haven’t had it in a while? Has this ever endangered them or others?
  17. What prominent habits does your muse have and how would they respond if they were forced to change them? Are they adaptable or dependent on their routines?
  18. What skills does your muse have and how did they come to have them? Was it hard work to learn them? What do they use their skills for? Are there any skills your muse wishes they had?
  19. How concerned are they with their appearance and how do they regard the appearance of others? Do they find it important? Do they enjoy aesthetically pleasing people?
  20. What does your muse think of secrets? Do they keep many or a few and what is their motivation to keep something secret? Have they ever been hurt by a secret someone else kept from them?

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Character Development Questions
Send me one or more and I'll answer these in depth questions What’s an important lesson your muse has learned over the past few years and how has that changed the way they live? How does the time your muse lives in influence their lifestyle? Are they happy they’re born in their time, or do they fant...
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