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As Kesha’s situation continues to grow dire, many fans are pointing out a sexist double standard in the music industry. Their claims boil down to this: Women who are victims of violence may pay more than the men who allegedly perpetrate it. In Kesha’s case, the price seems extraordinarily high.

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October “Toby” Daye was in many ways my first “real” protagonist. She was complicated, she was sad, she was bruised ...
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White stars escape the judgment Richard Sherman received — even if, like Justin Bieber, they get arrested NOTE: This post was written by Salon's Beanie Barnes. Following the ...
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Bring Him Home (Glee Cast - Kurt / Chris Colfer Solo Version)
Glee Cast  Bring Him Home (Glee Cast - Kurt / Chris Colfer Solo Version) - Single
  • Mom:You don't shave your legs OR your armpits?
  • Me:No
  • Mom:Are you serious? Personal hygiene!
  • Me:Yeah? Personal hygiene? Then make my brother shave too.