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chris colfer NY Times alla plotkin tlos4 tlos series

hrhchriscolfer My reaction to the news… Didn’t even see @aplotkin716 had her phone out! Feeling so blessed today. #TLOS
aplotkin716 WE DID IT!! “The Land of Stories” is the #1 bestselling children’s series in America!! #TLOStourlife #Repost @hrhchriscolfer

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chris colfer NY Times alla plotkin tlos4 tlos series
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Based on the phenomenal success of the first two The Land of Stories books, New York Times bestselling author and Golden Globe-winning actor Chris Colfer will publish two new book...
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We weren't allowed pictures at the meet and greet but I wrote down everything that happened;
“Have you heard there’s a joke about you in hedwig and the angry inch” “Yeah but idk what it is, what is it? What is he saying about me this time?” “This is my Sarah Jessica parka, it’s made of genuine chris col-fur, *winks* I know a guy” “*laugh...
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Many Hats of Chris Colfer
SOMETIMES being famous is like attending your own funeral. Chris Colfer learned as much at the ripe age of 18, when he was cast as the plucky gay countertenor Kurt Hummel on “Glee.” Armed with a golden voice and an uncanny ability to cry on cue (his secret: think of eye injuries), Mr. Colfer became...
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