• cant wait till chris evans kisses sebastian stan for fun Chris Evans trash i cant believe him and i hope hayley directs it petermaximoff •

cant wait till chris evans kisses sebastian stan for fun

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1k gifs Chris Evans Aaron Johnson i cant believe this aaronjohnsonedits marvelcastedit
spoilers mine Captain America Chris Evans Sebastian Stan The Winter Soldier tws spoilers there are so many effing tags i CANT believe i made gifs of camrip. i cant believe marvel probably tracked my ip by now i should leave. im leavign coloring comics is very painful im never doing that again N EVER GODOBY EIM LEAVING WHAT HAVE I DONE i still cant believe they did that. im so happy. i was waiting for taht and they did it. im happy. H A PPY
these are exactly the kinds of things i want to know about chris evans (x)
1k ** Chris Evans goob *ce
you and i i sopnt 20 mitntes on this im trash
[1] Chris Evans I just appreciate him touching his face and all
idk dave grohl foo fighters taylor hawkins Chris Shiflett Nate Mendel Pat Smear nifty grohlkins i cant believe i still have this shendel this is so bad and im not even sorry
* Chris Evans evansedit I LOOOEVOOEBE HIM he gets it and i wanna suck his dick for it
My roommate and I have had far too much coffee and I think o...
*** Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers get it bucky barnes Sebastian Stan Captain America: The First Avenger hahahHAHAH KILL ME buT THAT SECOND TO LAST ONE IS ON MY MY FAV MOMENTS AND NO ONE EVER GIFS IT AND YES IM USING TWS QUOTES EVEN THO IT HAS NONE OF CAP2 IN IT otp: i'm with you til the end of the line dammit i spelt till wrong in my otp tag ill fix the other posts later I PUT LITTLE STARS and i made it all b&w cause i cant color that movie to save my life thIS IS REALLY UGLY IM SO SORRY
my gifs Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers *ca i feel like trash for making this but idc i needed it
1k my gifs mine 2k Chris Evans Steve Rogers im crying 3k the losers jake jensen chris evans gifs Captain America The Winter Soldier with glasses ca2 gifs I CAN'T BELIEVE I CAN COLLECT 4 SO HAAAAAARD the losers gifs