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These words are repeated a thousand times, thrown to the wind with a flick of the wrist. It’s no wonder why people don’t flinch when they hear what has been done for them, when it’s whispered in fear or spoken with a laugh.

Read like an infant when they see their mother for the first time. Read with ignorance, as though you’ve never seen these words before. Hold these words as a treasure, as the secret every lost soul is searching to find. Remember these words as just a taste of the love that’s coming, the tease before the bliss.

A man died.
A man was crucified.
A man had nails hammered into his wrists,
and poisonous thorns plunged into his skull.

He died to set free the mouth of every man who mocked him. He died to set the addicts free from captivity. He went through the torture every adulterer, every rapist, every liar, cheater, and thief deserves so they can be given eternal life. He died for the ones who cringe at the thought of religion. He died for the ones who scoff at the name of God.

He died. His last words were asking God for the forgiveness of every man and women who put him on the cross.

He died, begging God to have mercy on me.
On you.

He died because God loved us so much, that He gave his son, so whoever believes in Him, will never perish, but have eternal life.

He died because he chose to love me in my sin and imperfection.

He died because He loves you.

I didn’t choose; I was chosen. I was the one loved and died for. There was no testing the waters of different religions here and there. I am not indecisive about who I serve. I don’t want to serve anything but the True Man who died for every soul, no matter what they have done or will do. I serve the most realest, most truest Love that is, nothing else can satisfy.

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These words are repeated a thousand times, thrown to the wind with a flick of the wrist. It’s no wonder why people don’t flinch ...
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