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college study work it's time to work a little harder

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college study work it's time to work a little harder
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The Best Study Techniques:
I’ve recently come across a 2013 study which aimed to compare the efficiency of different study techniques.They evaluated whether the benefits of the techniques generalised across learning conditions, student characteristics, materials, and criterion tasks. Here is a summary of their results:Least E...
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my gifs Knock Out Transformers Prime tfp maccadam tfp ratchet I wanted to make a 'maybe they're born with it maybe it's maybelline' joke but I couldn't think of a decent substitute maybe it's medical school? I need to work harder on my jokes welp so for now I stick with alliteration as the easy way out
inktober study break!!!! forgets how to draw traditionally theme: personification for aqualumina!! today I flew a homemade jellyfish kite it was really windy out ahhgh thank the world for conditioner finished the work due for this week and some other stuff so taking a quick ink break before going back to studying for next week's exams certainly won't be uploading these everyday was sorely tempted to upload my lecture notes for inktober but ah well also take care of yourselves guys!! it's getting chilly on the east coast almost time for scarves
doodle request14 it's also okay if college just isn't for you and you'd prefer to work just do what's best for you
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How to Study Like a Harvard Student
Taken from Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, daughter of the Tiger Mother Preliminary Steps1. Choose classes that interest you. That way studying doesn’t feel like slave labor. If you don’t want to learn, then I can’t help you.2. Make some friends. See steps 12, 13, 23, 24.General Principles3. Study less, but ...
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