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color weave thot middle part
Convo with a thot: Volume #1
Me: Hey wyd her: babysitting these bad ass kids Me:  damn whos kids are they ? Her:  they mine Me: bitch thats not babysitting thats called parenting
[OFFICIAL] Middle-part Rankings
kim jongdae: sophisticated, yet trendy 8/10 ilhoon: simple with some cool waves 7/10 taeil: fresh and funky 8/10 zelo: amateur, but spices it up with a fun hat 7/10 this guy from cn blue: classic, flowing, a signature style 9/10 leo: hell yeah baby hell yeah 10/10 taehyun: started a new r...
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“Get out of here with your ratchet weave”
I like the middle one the best without color
~ naya rivera trevor live ugly ass middle part but the rest is great love u bitch
male thot names
Dre Chris Drew Trey/Tre’ feel free to add on…
thot juice