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In Dungeons and Dragons you can do anything.

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comic Dungeons and Dragons d&d
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Playing Dungeons & Dragons:
DMing for a group of pure Power Gamers:
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Cleric: I cast Insect PlagueDM: Wow, I accidentally typed “Incest Plague”Ranger: A plague on just your household!
DM: You guys find yourself in a forsaken tundra Mage: Im going to build a snowman! DM: Roll Mage: *Rolls a 1 on d20* DM: Congratulations you’ve set the tundra on fire somehow
Critical failure. You kick yourself in the balls.
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don't trust politicians who never played Dungeons and Dragons... what do they know about forming par...
you can’t ALL play lawful evil rogues
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DM: Ok, so the velociraptor is cuddling with you in your bed.
DM: “The orb of light begins to escape”Ranger: “I roll to seduce it”Ranger: *Rolls 20*DM: *Sighs heavily*