• comic ignored vent vent art anyone else? vent drawing i always feel ignored my friends make me feel like shit without even trying sorry for bad thoughts just kinda did this this is seriously every week im glad its summer ordinary-october •

Its a reoccurring theme with me. 

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blood guro vent art hiakasart lmao can you feel my salt
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You’ve heard the snippets, now here’s the whole track. Prepare to have your sock...
art Fanart Sketch Miraculous Ladybug Marinette Cheng adrien agreste I'm still trying to understand their characters before sketching lovey dovey fanarts of them?? bc holy crap i need to vent my frustration for this love square somehow through sketching also marinette is really really difficult to draw (even more than adrien I dare say)
to be honest i have no idea what this composition is supposed to be laughs just felt like drawing a lot of clouds laundry fresh out of the dryer is the best thing!! seriously considering washing other things tomorrow just for the heck of it cackles this past week was really tiring!! had our first be design pitch and it took a long time to decide what sort of project we wanted to work on also if you're wondering why the little cloaked figure isn't on the steps it's because she used the skyrim method of traveling (basically taking every other path except the stairs am I right) i remember trying all sorts of shortcuts in that game just to save time snorts edit: also tfw you see people reposting your artwork within 30 minutes of uploading it???? maybe i should start adding watermarks ugh I really don't like adding them though regardless hope you guys are doing okay!! it always makes me happy to see my art is helping you feel better somehow
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NSFW Marvel just in case blood cw marveledit jessica jones scopophobia cw smoking cw comicedit partial nudity cw marvelladiesedit jessicajonesedit is there even a point of tagging any more will anyone even find this? anyway [forced exhale] i'm not a fan of the art in these comics but i did a quick ravenous re-read of the series last week and i had to make this if only for the absurd number of times i stopped and thought to myself with horrified clarity 'THIS IS ME'
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