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comics Metaphor creative block
comics Metaphor creative block comics Metaphor creative block
comics Metaphor creative block comics Metaphor creative block

This started out as a stream-of-consciousness exercise i was using to get over some creative block (and practice some comic page layout) and turned into a 5 page little comic!

The problem i was facing, rather than simply not knowing WHAT to draw, was WANTING to draw but realizing… i DIN’T want to. I wanted to want to draw. It’s intensely frustrating. I started thinking about it like suddenly finding yourself in a seemingly endless field. You want to go somewhere, but with no visible landmarks there’s nothing that makes you want to walk in any particular direction.

But since walking anywhere is better than staying nowhere, you pick a direction and force yourself to start walking because you know you’ll find something eventually. You don’t know what to draw, you’re not even sure you WANT to draw, but you make yourself draw something in the hopes it’ll jog ideas loose and you’ll get back on track.

That’s kind of where the metaphor ended, as i had visualized it, but at that point i had two pages of comic that i was kind of pleased with. When i was younger i used to think i’d go into comics. I’d draw comics in my sketchbooks all the time and they were pretty dumb, but i loved (i still love) the medium. I wound up in storyboarding, which i also love and is KIND of like comics, but there’s something about drawing for boards that dulls my motivation to make “finished” art. “Does that drawing read? Do i not totally hate it? Okay, it’s done”. Comic pages have the potential to be so rich and beautiful when care and effort is put into them.

So i used this as an excuse to make myself actually finish something that was just for me. Some visual shout-outs to Paul Pope and Vasquez Rocks, an artist/place that inspire me.

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