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Consumer Alert - Trojan Fire & Ice Condoms
Upon examining a Trojan Fire & Ice condom, I immediately noticed something was very wrong. Shockingly, after taking a Trojan Fire & Ice condom out of its wrapper and handling it, the lubricant on the condom disintegrated and stripped off all of my red enamel nail polish (after completely e...
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Condoms Are For Everyone
Condoms were originally designed to cover the penis. But if you don’t have a penis, and neither does your partner, condoms are still your friend. Here’s why condoms should be a part of your sex life.1. Condoms turn into dental dams lickety split.First of all, yes, you CAN get an STD from having unpr...
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I'm like 8 Inches babe but the condom says 5 uhhhhhhhhh shit
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What in the FUCK
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