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craving! intimacy!

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craving! intimacy!
love between women is so powerful and that’s why you are afraid
someday someone is gonna be so soft and gentle with your heart, you’re gonna be so glad you kept it open, you’re gonna wonder why you ever thought about quieting it down
healing is constant
being open and sensitive to experiences means you are more open to aching and suffering too but there is loving still, there is so much loving waiting for you
i want to tell you soft things, warm things, strong things, want to tell you that i’ve built a space for you in my heart and it is so safe and i would let you in, i would cheer you on while you fight your own battles and i’ve got your back no matter what
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you have to make it happen for yourself
1k gillian anderson the fall archie panjabi stella gibson Tanya Reed Smith *laughs nervously* I'm fine with where we are so far but pretty apprehensive of where we go from here I remember when someone contrasted stella's first looks at olson and reed smith and how she looked like she wanted both and obviously I was all on board for that (like I'm  NOT going to ship them) but we just figured it was stella being stella but the contrast between this night and with olson is pretty interesting I think even with it probably intended to be some kind of one night stand there were already so many more feelings involved it's not just because stella knows her longer and because she's a woman but she just LIKES reed smith femslash related stuff
i’m glad you existand i’m honoured to exist at the same time as youyou are a collection of starsand i’m so happy to be a part of your galaxy
* sherlock moriarty i dont k n o w every time i make a moriarty edit I'm like someone has done this before i bet u how do stretch sky
Marriage is scary and the idea of spending the rest of your life with someone is absolutely terrifying. I feel like after I travel on the honeymoon I’ll be like “that was a fun trip haha! Text me some time?” And go back to my parents