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How the fuck is that even supposed to work

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How the fuck is that even supposed to work
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Helpful Cosplay links:
Wigs: (I highly recommend always wearing a wig while cosplaying) arda wigs epiccosplay wigs (my favorite wig sellers. Great customer service) cosplay wigs usa gothic lolita wigs Makeup: Cream makeup, body paint and sfx makeup http://www.stagemakeuponline.com/ http://www.motionpicturefx.com/ http://w...
Making Cosplay
Expectations; Reality;
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Cosplay Help Masterlist v2
Hey guys! So you all apparently really appreciated that first masterlist, and since then I have gotten oodles of asks and also stock piled a lot more tutorials. So here’s to round 2. You can find the first post here. Wigs Bun Tutorial - x Fitting Long Hair Into Wigs - x How to Make a Wig Cap -...
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Yeah i dont l Source help l know why  l Source help l people cosplay l Source help l Homestuck l Source help l i mean l Source l this l Source help l is l Source l absolute l Source l shit l Source l like l Source l seriously l Source l come l Source l on. l Source help l
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