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I want to wake up on your side of the bed because we’re drawn to each other even in our sleep. I want to wake up with my head on your chest then you’ll stir ever so slowly, instinctively pulling me closer. I want to start my day with waking up next to you.

I want to have morning sex with you because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other even if we’ll be late for work. I want to get silly text messages even if you’re out with friends. I want to see your name whenever my phone lights up. I want us to have time apart and still be connected.

I want to come home to a place where I know we’ve both been; where I could see your favorite button-down shirt on the couch and my favorite box of cereal still on the kitchen counter. I want to cook your favorite meal for dinner while I wait for you to come home. And then I want to curl on your lap while we talk about our day.

I want us to make love until we’re both sated and overwhelmed with passion. I want to tell you I love you but you’ll beat me to it and insist that you love me more. I want to fall asleep to the music that is your slow, even breathing and calm, steady beat of your heart. I want my day to end with you next to me.

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I’m homesick for arms that don’t want to hold me.
Maybe 10 years from now we’ll meet again at a coffee shop down the road and start over.
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