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The Best Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix

  1. Devil: Detective Bowden must save five people trapped in an elevator and he has to do it fast, because one of them is the devil.
  2. Let the Right One In: A 12-year-old victim of bullies in a town plagued by murders spends his time plotting revenge until he meets a misfit vampire who steals his heart.
  3. The Taking of Deborah Logan: For her Ph.D. thesis, Mia decides to film a woman’s Alzheimer’s battle, but when symptoms turn strange, the family suspects something more sinister.
  4. The Babadook: Sam’s frequent tantrums turn sinister when a creepy children’s book mysteriously appears in his room, and he asks his mother, “Do you want to die?”
  5. Dark SkiesA couple has trouble convincing friends and neighbors that an alien is entering their house each night to terrorize their children.
  6. American Mary: (Trigger Warning: Rape) A medical student who’s piling up debt jumps at the chance when she’s offered a lucrative opportunity to perform extreme body-modification surgeries.
  7. Carrie: A misfit teenager gets back at the classmates who’ve bullied her by unleashing her newfound supernatural powers and creating havoc at the prom.
  8. World War Z: U.N. employee Gerry Lane races against time and fate as he travels the world trying to stop the spread of a deadly zombie pandemic.
  9. Texas Chainsaw: When a young woman travels to Texas to collect her inheritance, she discovers that a brutal, chainsaw-wielding madman is part of the bequest.
  10. VHS: When a group of petty crooks goes in search of a rare VHS tape, they come upon a corpse surrounded by stacks of horrific and bizarre videos.

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