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This is about my school’s yearbook tweeted by a guy in my grade, I’m glad it’s getting so much attention because this is ridiculous.

the yearbook staff’s Twitter account tweeted that they have to be “politically and socially correct and can’t keep everything that is possibly offensive” yet there was a senior quote that said, “Started from the bottom then I got some top”, which anyone in our age group knows is a reference to blowjobs. Another one saying, “Love no thotties”, and again, everyone in our age group knows that a “thot” is slang for “slut” or “whore”. They have since not commented on it further and have deleted the tweet about being socially and politically correct.

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Ironically, the people who insist on saying ‘All Lives Matter’ don’t realize that the goal of saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is to eventually make 'All Lives Matter’ a true statement.
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Without riots: Women wouldn’t be able to vote Child labor and fair labor laws would not exist Slavery would still populate much of the world LEGALLY Gay rights would not exist Be on the right side of history. (feel free to add more)
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If anybody was wondering whether racism still exists, just know that after the small town of Parma, Missouri elected its first black mayor, 85% of its police force quit in protest.  This happened last week. (x)