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cute snake armor snakes corn snake
cute snake armor snakes corn snake

Today I made my snake armor

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cute snake armor snakes corn snake
Nobody ever talks about how cute baby snakes are i mean look at this little guy friends! <3 wow good times just chillin nm how’re you? oh and don’t get me started on snakes in hats: lookatchu in your summer hat just ready to enjoy lemonade on your lil snake porch hope you ha...
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I don't often ask my followers to do things for me
But this is a serious thing. Apparently there’s a new show set to come on air in a few days called Killer Karaoke. From what I can understand, it’s basically a mixture of Fear Factor and American Idol, hosted by one of the members of Jackass (I honestly wish I was kidding). But that̵...
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aka the most precious thing to ever exist. It doesn’t bite. It doesn’t even show it’s fangs, even when severelly aggressed. Instead, it rolls over sticks its tongue out and plays dead. That is all.
You own a snake?! But they're so dangerous!
Yes, i seem to be having lots of trouble with my dangerous snake who is definitely a terrifying killer and not at all a stupid little softy.