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Part 1- Eren Jaeger

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I really like how they’re all leaning in toward the fan to pose cause I mean I’d assume that’s what you do at a meet and greet right all of them all of them? o w8
Niall Horan Niall burger One Directon 1d doodle
awww swag baby cute adorable dope Model levi
appearances scruff Tyler Posey AND WHAT IS YOUR FACE last one is my favourite
One Direction Niall Horan Concert edit toronto he is perfect one direction concert one direction toronto No Zoom molson amphitheatre literally this was in front of my face whathuiryhtrjofhfmjdtyet4w is life i have like 10 pictures of him drinking this water bottle should i upload them all? idk.
Bolded for the paragraph where I sobbed without restraint.
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My art Avatar atla zuko the last airbender
Zachary Levi chuck chuck bartowski sarah walker yvonne strahovski chuck and sarah gif: chuck my graphics 4 tears and tears and never ending tears
I hate how in every scary movie the person is running then this happens
gif harry potter Narcissa Malfoy the biggest and baddest bitch of them all if you do not live a narcissa malfoy appreciation life than we can't be friends and you need to rethink your life choices CISSY!!!!!!!!!!! ugh my FAVOURITE bloodydifficult THIS ONE IS FOR YOU KAILI thanking the old gods and the new that they left this scene in
Larry Stylinson One Direction 1000 my gif3 okay wow shoot me otp: he's sweet enough the tattoo is for louis case closed liam was completely serious when he said it was his favorite he said it's his favorite because he knows the meaning behind it it's louis' handwriting don't try and convince me otherwise it's too identical and like louis has a little smirk on his face and then LIAM SAYS ITS HIS FAVORITE AND LOOKS AT LOUIS i just feel like louis has a thing for writing on harry and has probably written hi many times before so harry just finally decided to get it tattooed like that time he had the L on his palm i feel like louis wrote that because it was on harry's right hand and upside down and he's a righty