• ** *d and yeah meh meh meh HALSEY halseyedit i rushed it a bit i know i just wanted to be somewhat productive bc i am in the middle of admittance exams i had to dye back my hair and that was painful af i am still in mourning over my wonderful colour kandinskian •

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My art Korra the legend of korra Asami Sato Korrasami korrasami anniversary I was so convinced that they wouldn't make it canon that when it TRULY HAPPENED my mind blew it was probably one of my happiest moments lol i was a sobbing mess so yeah! have a piece to commemorate my fave gals anniversary a bit late ops
Chara frisk undertale long post / knives / undertale spoilers / ive been working on this for like a week
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Fanart ut long post poor thing undertale any english mistakes let me know mettaton mettaton ex Burgerpants undertale comic idk if burgerpants is really a cat but... I just wanted to draw bp suffering lol also..wanted to try painting mtt to see how it would look like terrible rushed thing but meh
like ! the future is bright JUST ONE MORE EXAM FRIENDS!! :) I think the language history exam was quite okay but I think Russian did not went as well as it could have been we had to write down numbers our teacher (the Russian word for teacher sounds like 'prepadawatjel'!!) said but the only number I understood was 3 so I wrote down 3 every time and unless she really said 3 like ten times in a row this was not the most brain moment of my life but it is alright I am really looking forward to the free time after the exams c: I want to do all of the things I want to draw all of the things and I want to animate something! and I want to become a doggie walker and pet all of the dogs I hope that you are having a great time as well!!