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Dear fandom,

I know things are rough right now, but just remember:

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Dear fandom,
I know things are rough right now, but just remember: at some point, John and Sherlock actually played Cluedo John and Sherlock dressed up as and played the parts of ninjas Molly has a cat named Toby (NB: also the name of Holmes’ canine friend in the Sir ACD canon) Jim Moriarty watched at least one ...
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I love how Sherlock has brought us all together, as a global community, to watch Antiques Roadshow.
Simple thing for Sherlock Fandom
DO NOT WRITE SLASH JOHNLOCK and journalists will not get opportunity to use it to embarrass actors. Respect show. Respect canon’s bromance FRIENDSHIP between Sherlock and John. Do not write or draw gay-porn with them. And everything will be ok. DIXI
I could tell you that I don’t quote Moriarty in every other sentence 
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I bet if you took all the tumblr urls from people in the Sherlock fandom and re-arranged them, you would actually have the full dialogue to all six episodes
  • Cases:NO TIME FOR REAL CASES. THERE'S PORN ON THE HORIZON. (Either story begins just after a case, or incorporates a few legit-sounding details.)
  • Anderson:Not usually in story but inevitably mentioned with appropriate scorn.
  • Mycroft:Usually either very for or very against Johnlock. Either way he's kinkily watching the CCTV.
  • Tea:Everyone drinks at least half their body weight in tea during the course of a story. Even drabbles. You see that 800-word story? 400 of those words deal with making tea.
  • Milk:Getting the milk is a thing. It's practically a euphemism at this point. If Sherlock gets the milk, he's DTF. Or apologizing, and then offering his body as an extra form of apologetic-ness.
  • Mrs. Hudson:Ships Johnlock like a beast. Hell, she usually has some kind of Johnlockfucking-sense. She just KNOWS when they're hooking up and is determined to facilitate this/make it kind of embarrassing for them in a cute way.
  • Mummy Holmes:For not actually being in the show, she's surprisingly mentioned a lot. She's everything from a horrid bitch to actually a really loving rich lady who somehow just has these two weirdo sons.
  • Moran:Ditto, kind of. Moran is sometimes a woman, sometimes a man, sometimes seduces Moriarty/John/Sherlock/all of the above. Also somehow capable of holding 7 laser pointers I mean snipers in TGG.
  • ...
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