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dear homestuck fandom,

y’all mothafuckas need jesus.

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dear homestuck fandom,
y’all mothafuckas need jesus.
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The Kingdom Hearts fandom resurges, practically overtaking Animal Crossing and Pokemon in the middle of their revivals. “Our power is as old as time” they state “what is now yours was once, and always will be, ours.” Then comes a rumble. From the distance they begin to hear a...
Guys. I just realized why the Homestuck fandom is so powerful.
It’s because the webcomic called Homestuck doesn’t just appeal to the everyday person. It doesn’t attract the excited little kids like Spiderman does, or pull in the everyday middle-aged geek.  But it does pull in a specific type of person. This fandom is comprised of all of the c...
hey homestuck fandom...
what if I said… the end of the world happened. We actually did all enter the Medium. That we played the game and we emerged victorious. Our game was only marginally successful though. Many of us reached God tier, a lot of us just died. The world was destroyed, but through many hours of persev...
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I can’t handle ,it’s too cute. Even if I’m not the other fandom. Some design from here
Some drama has been ongoing with my girlfriend, some serious drama that I’m only finding out is much worse than I thought and I really need to get the word out. Putting this under a read more. You may know Mikki, admin cosplayhell@tumblr. About a year ago or so, suddenly someone had asked her...
  • people at conventions:lets ban homestuck cosplayers from cons
  • hussie:includes at least 50 new outfits in the update
Dear Homestuck Fandom,
If you are reading this, it means you have managed to raise enough money to fund your own video game. It also means you are now the most united fandom ever. I am so, so, so proud of you.
Facts about the Homestuck fandom:
1) We are trending towards having 7 million dollars, close to enough to support our own country.2) Through some reblogging tests and whatnot on tumblr, there is over 7 million of us in the homestuck fandom. [keep in mind not everyone has a tumblr]3) This comic started in 2009 and grew very rapidly f...
Dear Homestuck Fandom,
You’ve been really good to us these past few days. We’re sorry about your really bad acid trip. Here’s some cupcakes. Your Moirail, Hetalia Fandom