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Dear White Friends,

The definition of discovered is not “when white people found out about it”


Your Friend of Color

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Dear White Friends,
The definition of discovered is not “when white people found out about it” Sincerely, Your Friend of Color
Dear White Friends,
Countries and continents did not manifest into existence as soon as white people landed on them. Sincerely, Your Friend of Color Submitted by Anon
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Dear White People,
Chipotle is not Mexican food - neither is Taco Bell. You wanna taste my culture? Eat at family run restaurants that you think you’re too good for. Stop at taco trucks on the side of the road. Go to local meat markets like La Michoacana. stop eating “Mexican” food made by white pe...
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Newsflash: mixed people can have dark complexions
“Mixed” doesn’t mean “mixed with white”
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How to Pronounce Latinx
Latin-ex (phonetically lateen-ex) Bonus: Latin@ is pronounced either Latin-at (lateen-at) or Latin-ow (lateen-ow) the same way that “cow” sounds to emphasise the dual o/a sounds. For both you are simply taking the pronunciation of Latino/a, dropping the o/a, and adding the x/@ sounds respectively.
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Separating Culture from People
life-chats asked:I’m in the planning stages of a story set in a fantasy port city where people from all over the fantasy world pass through. Except for one small tribe of pale people in the north, who will not feature prominently in the story, all the societies in this world are made up of people of...
Dear Non-Asian People: Yes, fetishizing Asian people is racist.
Apparently, this is still being debated. But let me outline it for you again: 1.  There’s a history of making “Asians” (as in, “people with dark hair, almond shaped eyes, whose ethnic background comes from one bigass continent) into one homogenous group. This is super racist,...
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