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Dear White People

Listen up. 

Especially gay white boys. 

You Do Not Have An Inner Black Woman. 

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Dear White People
Listen up. Especially gay white boys. You Do Not Have An Inner Black Woman. 
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You are not native to America. American does not mean white.Please remember this.
Dear White People,
Chipotle is not Mexican food - neither is Taco Bell. You wanna taste my culture? Eat at family run restaurants that you think you’re too good for. Stop at taco trucks on the side of the road. Go to local meat markets like La Michoacana. stop eating “Mexican” food made by white pe...
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Dear White Friends,
Countries and continents did not manifest into existence as soon as white people landed on them. Sincerely, Your Friend of Color Submitted by Anon
Dear White Friends,
The definition of discovered is not “when white people found out about it” Sincerely, Your Friend of Color
Dear white people,You cannot intentionally lock your co-pilot out of the cockpit, refuse to respond to his banging on the door while you deliberately crash a plane to kill yourself and 149 people and call it “depression”. Depression isn’t terrorism. That’s not how any of thi...
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dear white people
unless you’re gonna follow the recipes given to you by actual brown people back the fuck up off of our fucking food. i’m sick of cultural dishes getting butchered by “innovative” crackers i’m sick of traditional foods getting destroyed and my culture being chipped away ...