• Dear Zayn Malik Mar15 zayn leaving we are heartbroken yes but this is about him and what he needs remember that 25.3.15 harrysrogue •

Dear Zayn Malik

Thank you for five wonderful years.

Thank you for the music.

Thank you for loving your brothers so much.

We wish you well, we love you.

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Dear Zayn Malik
Thank you for five wonderful years.Thank you for the music.Thank you for loving your brothers so much.We wish you well, we love you.
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gifs:mine marveledit sebstanedit mcuedit captainamericaedit buckybarnesedit i mean: look at bucky's eyes while pierce is talking... he couldn't care less about hydra peace and all those things he stares and stares and there's nothing there until he blinks and says but i knew him and he's sad and broken and realize there's something missing he knows what they'll do to him he can't focus on the mission there are only that man's face and the scary memories of a distant past.. a distant life and those men are going to wipe him again and again and he's scared because it's gonna hurt but also because he wants to remember he desperately wants to know i feel so sad when i watch this scene but i am very proud of sebastian for making this so real
gif my edits Teen Wolf Scott McCall allison argent scott x allison scallison anD IT PAINS ME i don't know what im doing with my life rn i have all these scallison feels scott's face makes me cry because he's heartbroken he's realizing that maybe him and allison weren't going to be a 'forever' thing (we all know they are but you get the point) he loves her so much that he just tells her 'it's okay' you can see that he's not okay but man he wants her to be happy so he is just letting her go
my gifs mine the hobbit bagginshield auj hobbitedit th movies I'm trying to rewatch some parts of AUJ to get some happy feels but each time I do so I fall back into BOTFA pain BUT THIS CONTRACT THOUGH THAT TINY LITTLE SCENE WAS SO WELL WRITTEN Because when bilbo returns he's not that happy to be back clearly who would after such a loss? but the shire has always been associated with happiness and good times but leaving the spectator with such a feeling with all that happened right before Bilbo's return wouldn't feel right so there is the auction to kind of lighten the mood (kind of...) but then there is this portion of dialogue and the contract vouching for bilbo and there is one last mention of the name of thorin oakenshield because bilbo needed to put at least some words about what he was to him (at least try) and the spectator needs to feel the presence of thorin one last time before the movie closes we need to feel the weight this character had in this trilogy but also in bilbo's life so this question about who bilbo pledged his service too is very important it gives the final scene a perfect balance between the homecoming feeling and the sadness surrounding the tragic events and it's important for the character of bilbo as well and what follows next when bilbo reenters bag end is equally important seriously THE WRITING IS SO GOOD HERE
MY EDIT blood cw nbc hannibal hannibaledit Jonathan Tucker matthew brown yes hello call the police it's been 43534 years and i'm still not over mukozuke and matthew brown ever happening to hannibal :-(((( WHAT A GODDAMN SUPERNOVA? his   manic ectasy is everything to me take your comments about primitve simplicity out of my yard the way he arranged the whole setting EXECUTED IT SO THOROUGHLY SO THAT   it would fit to the concept of killing divinity stripping it entirely to naked humanity he is so utterly devoted TO TURN IT INTO A MONUMENT of will's freedom and his   own release how many ppl did he kill before (he's talking about life sipping out about victims clinging to it was it people or animals the fact is there was always   this itch in him to bring out this mortal vulnerability to watch it explode like a star and die down into nothingness but he was lacking purpose he's a brush in the   artist's hands he's the muse in poet's mind he's the knife in killer's collection of weapon he needs these acts to resonate to be appreciated to be cherished TO BE USEFUL it makes him substancial it makes him corporal no longer a shadow an invisible man and the way he wounds hannibal's pride talking about feeding on his name   and stealing his identity AND THEN HE ASSUMES HIS POSE TO MAKE THE HUMILATION EVEN MORE CRUEL it's him mocking the false god it's spreading wings of his own divine it's not about just showing hannibal how mortal he is by making him bleed it's about smashing his vanity and pride the foundations of his pseudograce and pseudoglory it's far from being simple it's not only clever but full of empathy and understanding for shallowness fo this monster eugh the way he handles the knife - like it's a chisel he's going to carve sculpture of devotion and salvation for will with can we bring this darling boy back   instead of having mason :-( miserable and insatiable for eternity hanging cw
edits movies david fincher Rosamund Pike *gg Ben Affleck gone girl the commentary is sooooo good
MY EDIT the walking dead Rick Grimes Glenn Rhee twdedit gore cw zombies cw feel free to delete this dumb caption I'M JUST STEVEN'S FACES ARE EVERYTHING JFC (that growling face is me on tuesdays btw) i just want to gif THE WHOLE 'GUTS' jesus christ nostalgia kills YOU KNOW WHAT'S ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ABOUT EARLY SEASONS GLENN?? HE'S THIS EPIC BADASS HERO IN DISGUISE his heroism his courage his weapon and his getting shit done in the end IS IN HIS SMARTNESS what merle said (and so many others I'M MAKING A GIFSET ON THE MATTER when life stops being hectic EVERYONE GUSHES OVER GLENN AND THEY SHOULD BYE): he's sneaky smart little thing he does not scare easily AND IT'S THIS CLEVERNESS IN COURAGE AND STRATEGY IN HEROISM THAT WILL MAKE HIM WIN IN THE END we don't get to see him that much with guns with knives at first BUT WE GET TO SEE HIM PLANNING AND OUTSMARTING EVERYONE we get to see him quick thinking and responding not in acts of violence but intelligence first and foremost :-D lso all i want is to steven to be in stuff with simon pegg and nick frost *BATMAN'S VOICE* WHERE IS IT
exo exo m cries my gifs: exo Kris wu yifan I'm crying right now duizhang but it huRTS but if not and now i'm crying again i cried at the beginning i hope everything turns out ok and he stays with exo i'll continue to support BUT EVERYONE IS UNFOLLOWING KRIS NOW IF THERE ARE ERRORS ITS CUZ I'M EMOTIONAL RN
klaine kurt hummel glee blaine anderson OH BLAINERS Blangst cooper anderson anderbros omg creys
Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek *tw *au twedit haleinski otp: what am I supposed to do with him? simplystiles SLAVERY CW araya calavera abusive language cw triggering language cw idk man just tagging all the triggers idk if i'll continue this verse but obviously stiles is not a bad person in this and he's totally new to all of this since his family is strictly anti slavery and his best friend is a werewolf in hiding he just saw derek there bruised and bloody and beaten and miserable and felt like he had to get him out so he scrapes all his money together and buys derek to give him a safe place he can call home and he totally fakes his bravado and douchebaggery in front of araya cause all the slave owners he knows are massive douchebags and he thinks she won't believe him if he doesn't pretend to be an awful human being he just didn't consider derek might hear him and now obviously derek doesn't trust or believe him and stiles kinda wants to hit himself and promises to himself he'll make this right and show derek he can trust him and then all kinds of problems arise obviously and stiles probably joins a party that wants to abolish slavery bc slavery is super fucked up and psa yes i am aware that this gifset is problematic it's supposed to be yeah this is vaguely inspired by 'not as described'
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