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I didn’t choose to be this way. So, please don’t make me feel like I have.

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I didn’t choose to be this way. So, please don’t make me feel like I have.
im not very good at letting people help me
REPEAT AFTER ME: mental illnesses ARE NOT a fashion trend mental illnesses SHOULD NOT be romanticised people SHOULD NOT LIE about having mental illnesses just to seem “deep” or “interesting” or “edgy mental illnesses SHOULD be taken seriously IT IS A REAL PROBLEM THAT AFFECTS MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND ...
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i dont have the energy to care anymore
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  • me:*is sad*
  • me:*listens to sad music and makes it worse bc go hard or go home*
rape doesn’t always happen up a back alley rapists aren’t always shady strangers on the corner of a street people are raped in their own homes by their own partners/parents/friends just because someone’s experience isn’t what you picture when you hear the word ‘rape’, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t ...
Don’t you dare say you ever loved me, or even tell me that you cared