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All my muscles ache
from holding myself

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All my muscles ache from holding myself together.
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I say, “I’m seventeen and insane. Seventeen and angry at the world, seventeen and sad beyond belief.” As I look at my own reflection I see ...
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i can kiss you, but i can’t heal you; i can hold you, but i can’t shield you; i can love you, but i can’t save you.
But you deserve the universe and I’m just a star
Why does the world have to be ending for you to ask if I need you? Sometimes I need you when the sky is blue and the pond geese are hung...
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I get this awful feeling that you have stopped loving me. I don’t know how it happened or what it felt like but I know that if I reached ou...
“Looking after yourself” isn’t always getting up at 6am to run 10 kilometres and then eating kale for breakfast.   Sometimes loo...
Tonight was one of those nights. One of those I need someone but no one’s around nights.
Maybe she wasn’t toxic. Maybe she just really needed you.