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design signs fire stars leo water cancer earth sign aries libra print Poster zodiac planets digital astrology pisces taurus gemini virgo scorpio capricorn aquarius Cosmos horoscope air elements qualities constellation
  • Aries and Libra:The Main Pairing. Plenty of fanfiction and fellow fangirls.
  • Taurus and Scorpio:The Villian Pairing/ Forbidden Love. Both love a bit of mystery and usually prefer something when it isn't allowed.
  • Gemini and Sagittarius:The Love/Hate Pairing. Never the most popular, but that just boosts the excitement to Sagittarius and Gemini. And they're just so funny when they argue...
  • Cancer and Capricorn:The Adorable Pairing: These two like the pairing that falls in love over time, and always do really sweet things for each other.
  • Leo and Aquarius:The Crack Pairing. These two are both hilarious, so why not ship something that should never be shipped?
  • Virgo and Pisces:The Star Crossed Lovers. The pairing that are always meant to be together attracts Virgo and Pisces. They love that their OTP brings tears to their eyes, and they usually end up flopping around on the floor, drowning in their feels.
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  • Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19):
  • Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20):
  • Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20):
  • Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22):|
  • Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22):
  • Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22):
  • Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22):
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Ask: What are the signs like on a normal day?
I’ll answer this….in GIFs! Aries- Taurus- Gemini- Cancer- Leo- Virgo- Libra- Scorpio- Sagittarius- Capricorn- Aquarius- Pisces-
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  • Aries:Shut up.
  • Taurus:Will shove food in your mouth. If they were desperate enough to give their food away, that is.
  • Gemini:I'm bored. *walks away*
  • Cancer:They don't. They'd rather suffer than hurt your feelings.
  • Leo:Will make whiney noises until you are silent.
  • Virgo:Will make comments such as 'mmm' or 'yeah' until you realise that the conversation is going nowhere.
  • Libra:Will smile at you politely whilst swearing at you inside their head.
  • Scorpio:Will slap you round the face and promptly walk off.
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  • Aries:A sad Aries may try to act tough or try and throw people off the scent of their vulnerability, but what they really need is someone to see past the facade, scale over they walls put up, and push them to open up about things. They're much more likely to spill when they know the concern is real.
  • Taurus:An upset Taurus just wants someone to consistently care the way they do for others. Taurus needs someone to be persistent, affectionate, and a reliable shoulder to lean on. They're so trustworthy for others and when they're sad they want someone they trust to open up to; someone who they know will be there.
  • Gemini:Gemini needs someone understanding and patient to weather their mood swings; they can be inconsolable when they're feeling down. If someone can be sympathetic of how they're feeling and take the pressure off them to just snap out of it, it does a world of good.
  • Cancer:An upset Cancer needs someone to dig them out of the trenches of pessimism. They need to be reminded of all the good and their self esteem needs a good boost. A sunny influence and ego fluff does a world of good for a sulky crab.
  • Leo:An upset Leo may deny it, but they want to be payed attention to. Feeling neglected and uncared for will only fuel their bad mood ten fold. When a Leo is sad thats when they need the reinforcement and encouragement of their loved ones most. Don't be afraid to lay it on thick for them!
  • Virgo:An upset Virgo may appreciate being checked up on and having people offer a helping hand, but the one thing they'll likely want the most of is just enough space to figure things out and make everything compute. When they're able to analyze and understand they can find closure and move on from whats hurt them.
  • Libra:Libra needs someone to distract them from their sadness sometimes, but even more they need someone to push them to confront their issues and not succumb to sadness or indecisiveness. They just need a gentle push of encouragement or the support of a partner to nurture them and turn things around.
  • Scorpio:A bothered Scorpio needs solitude when they're sad or angry but they still want to feel validated and recognized. Ask what you can do with sincerity and be genuine, but also be prepared to honor their request for space.
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  • Aries:Unicorn- They are a symbol of innocence and purity, and they are attracted to virginity/innocence, like their own. If you are calm around a unicorn, they will be calm around you- but they have no qualms with fighting fiercely if they feel that they are being cornered, or deceived.
  • Taurus:Dragon- They tend to live in deep caves of the earth, do not like to be disturbed unless they come out of their cave for food, or to collect precious items. They have a hoard and zealously guard it, breathing fire on anyone who dares go near their treasure-trove.
  • Gemini:Brownie- These are helpful spirits, legend in the British isles. They tend to do lots of housework, and become devoted to a certain family. They will mess everything up, however, if they feel insulted and taken for granted, and then just leave. Brownies tend to be mischievous and stir up trouble every once and a while.
  • Cancer:Cherub- The cherubim are sweet, and loving angels- but remember, they are servants of god, and do not take what they/god deems as cruelty or sinning lightly. The word Cherubim comes from the Assyrian word Kirubu, which means "to be near".
  • Leo:Gryphon- A majestic beast, often known as "king of beasts and king of air". They are fierce and powerful, sometimes aggressive enemies, though. They collect precious items, and are very protective over their brood, feeding the flesh of humans who try to hurt their kin to their babies.
  • Virgo:Golem- This Jewish legend basically describes a man made out of clay. His main purpose is to serve his lord and master- usually the creator of the golem/the one who inserts the spell/wishes into his mouth so that he can know how to serve.
  • Libra:Djinn- Also known as genies, they are birthed from fire,and can take any form. They often enjoy punishing those who wrong them, or, unintentionally sometimes, being naughty, with a little bit of a sadistic streak. Beware, for even friendly Djinn usually have a few tricks up their sleeve. They are extremely clever and manipulative.
  • Scorpio:Damphyr- the offspring of a vampire and a human. Usually, even when they are born, they are incredibly self aware, yet they cannot stop their vampiric bloodlust. They like rough sex. When enraged, their eyes glow red.
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  • Aries:Gets in a singsong voice
  • Taurus:Stalks you
  • Gemini:Draws you a lot and writes secret things (really love letters/fanfiction)
  • Cancer:Giggles a lot around you
  • Leo:Is undeniably rude to you
  • Virgo:Does dangerous stunts to get your attention
  • Libra:pets your hair
  • Scorpio:Is sweet and kind to you and snuggles up to you at any given moment
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  • ♈♌♐ Fire Dominant:Self confident, impulsive, initiative, dominant, energetic, manic, independent, imaginative, creative, idealistic, stimulating, intense, inspiring
  • ♈♌♐ Weak Fire chart:Demotivated, hypersomniac, lack of self confidence and assertion, tired, pessimistic, quiet, melancholy, isolated
  • ♉♍♑ Earth Dominant Chart:Realistic, pedantic, compulsive, materialistic, grounded, rational, guarded, unemotional, thorough, stable, refined, orderly
  • ♉♍♑ Weak Earth Chart:Impractical, disorganized, unstable, scattered, impulsive, changeable, indecisive, bad with finances, compulsive, can experience feeling 'out of their bodies'.
  • ♊♎♒ Air Dominant Chart:Intellectual, knowledgable, rational, social, easy going, questioning, conceptual, can experience feeling 'out of their bodies', talkative, indecisive, unrealistic, curious, natural affinity for words and literacy
  • ♊♎♒ Weak Air Chart:Disconnected, isolated, subjective, quiet minded, isolated, searching, simple, noncomplex
  • ♋♏♓ Water Dominant Chart:Hyper sensitive, deep intuition, psychic talents, responsive, moody, empathetic, sentimental, concerned, personal, secretive, protective, imaginative, dreamy
  • ♋♏♓ Weak Water Chart:Extreme difficulty expressing/interpreting emotions, detachment, dissociation, prone to manic and destructive outbursts (such as kicking in a door) then totally having no feelings. Unstable, unresponsive
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