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I’m just trying to keep our priorities clear.

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I’m just trying to keep our priorities clear.
Tonight on Supernatural
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THINK ABOUT THE TITLE CARD FOR SEASON 10 Angel grace wiping out the demon smoke. Lookie here… Cas used his grace to harness Dean’s demonic powers.
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when cas was an angel, dean called him family and said he needed him when cas became a human, dean said he couldn’t stay and that they couldn’t work together is it any wonder why cas didn’t think twice about becoming an angel again
Anyone that forces Castiel to lie to Dean again can go directly into Lucifer’s Pit. Do not pass go, do not say hi to Adam. Naomi, this means you.
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That fairy was being controlledgot a kiss when she was released Cas is being controlled do you see where i’m going with this 
Dean Winchester - Castiel gripped you tight and saved you from hell - And now you’re going to have to grip Castiel tight and save him from heaven.
No but Naomi made Cas practice killing Dean a thousand times  and he still couldn’t actually do it.  And that says something.