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“Exactly. So you see that part of Rihanna dancing with the guy? That is caribbean culture at its height. He was dancing, she saw him, she went to him, they had a dance together. At no point did anyone think, “Hey we’re dancing, so maybe…later….” It doesn’t work like that. In West Indian culture, a dance is a dance. You can have that dance. There could be a girl jumping on top of you and you’re wining up on one another. In the wrong state, you’d get arrested and charged for lewd conduct or something. But you can end that dance and her boyfriend can be beside her, and you’re like, “Hi,” or you just walk away. Dancing and sex are tied together in America—if you’re dancing with somebody that means you’re sleeping with somebody. But that doesn’t mean that in our culture it’s the same. In West Indian culture, you’re dancing with someone because you’re dancing with someone. You’re having fun. There’s a beauty to the dance and there’s a beauty to the battle. That’s something they’re not understanding. Within a dance, there is a competition going on. There is a battle of the sexes. You are wining up on someone: Can he handle yours? Can she handle you? Can she make you fall over? There’s levels to this thing. It’s dancing, so there’s a sexual energy. But the dance is not sex. It’s not simulated sex, it’s wining. Believe me, that’s not it. When you’re really in the culture, your ability to wine is a different thing. Do you know what I mean?”

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