• disney cosplay Ratatouille Remy alfredo linguini rotzloeffel •
disney cosplay Ratatouille Remy alfredo linguini
disney cosplay Ratatouille Remy alfredo linguini

Alfredo Linguini and Remy from Ratatouille.

Cosplay: Myself + Chowder


I really love that Disney Movie.

I`ve got Rats since 8 years or what and lateley I watched that Movie and looked at my Rat Chowder who has a really fancy brown nature coloring…so we came up with that short Cosplay Idea.

It`s a small-for-the-lulz one but I really like it and Chowder was great.

In Case someone might worry: I know my Pets very well, I know Chowder is a calm,chilled Dude, he had a lot of Breaks, his Bro Splinter for Support and a lot of delicious Veggies to eat during the few hours we made the Photos.

He was totally fine and his Fur is just colored blue with Photoshop :)

No Animals were harmed but I got smashed with Pans and Noodles :D

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disney cosplay Ratatouille Remy alfredo linguini
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