• disney text really thousand notes club the marketing for this movie is so random and weird i used to like it but now it's kinda annoying tower-of-terror •
  • person:what's Tomorrowland about?
  • Disney:¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • person:what's Tomorrowland about?
  • Disney:¯\_(ツ)_/¯
art disney Fanart princesses genderbending This is for you Kat Just for you Oh man Snow looks like Tahno I kinda favor male!Aurora... I think it's because he reminds me of Gumball
lilo and stitch disney *mine Disneyedit it's a miracle gtkmm liloandstitchedit lasedit i chilled a bit with the saturation and the sharping this time around and i kinda like how the gifset came out??? even if it's like i keep going by colors bUT THAT'S NOT MY INTENTION?????? it just happens?? and it's not like i mind but now should i keep going by colors for all the meme or not???? remind me why did i even decide to start this i love this movie so much tho im glad im satisfied with the gifs it was really important for me
do you ever just sit and realize how much pregnancy and babies freak you out
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gif 1k spoilers notes psych Shawn Spencer Juliet O'Hara psychusa the breakup psychedit otp: big fat kisses none for gus bye i love this bc like shawn is this really articulate guy and i bet he rEHEARSED THIS TO HIMSELF ON THE DRIVE UP BUT HE STILL MANAGED TO MESS IT UP BC IT'S JULIET MAN IT'S JULIET AND HE WAS SO NERVOUS laughing through the tears at these IDIOTS
for the record: not all orchestral music is “classical” music. not every string instrument is a “violin”. this has been a psa
mine this was a text post of mine that i really liked so i wrote it down and scanned it and now it's art nobody can stop me
destiel DEANCAS kiss meme what are they spnfanart art of mine could be uhm. archiart like hands it's too late i have no brain left for the tagging may u dream sweet things i hope this makes u happy? if you're like super offended by my a-nAH-tomy i totally understand i feel that way too? i used to be able to? and now they are so hard and i just make them the wrong size and im like I KNOW I HAVE SEEN HANDS BEFORE BUT IT LOOKS LIKE I AM DRAWING WITH is rachel a goat?
1k mine gif* naruto sasuke uchiha sasusaku Sakura Haruno hope you guys like it naruto* narutographic sasusaku month ss month another sasusaku post bc the month it's almost over))): and bc now sasusaku is more canon than ever this scene is so dark and orange ugh blood orange so it was kinda hard to colour but i like this whole photoset this moment is so precious sakura holding sasuke
"blackout is racist!!!!"
meanwhile over in #whiteout:x/x/x/x/x
stop fucking reblogging this akaperfect STOP ITS A JOKE ITS NOT MU POST I'm just gonna put an explanation in the tags okay so Carson texted me this and I was like haha i just reblogged this cause I had just reblogged this post at the time and so i posted it for like one second and I thought it would be ok because no one ever reblogs my posts but of course people reblogged it and now it has notes and I am really sorry bc im not trying to steal this post at all I am really upset and I feel bad so that is all I am going to say please do not reblog this