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Dalek has a soft spot for you.

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doctor who Gifs: DW dwedit clara oswald ok ok ok s9madness tillthenexttimedoctor I know it's Bonnie and not Clara and I know it's Oswin and not Clara but both of those moments fit the quote really well a Dalek who turned out to be a souffle girl (wait... or was it the other way round?) miss Oswald who was supposed to be an ally turned out to be a monster in disguise
doctor who Graphic clara oswald doctor who graphic twelfth doctor whouffaldi doctor who grap
* doctor who eleventh doctor dw clara oswald Twelth doctor
doctor who David Tennant Tenth Doctor tennant tuesday tooth and claw i love this episode Stuff I Posted rtdedit david and billie are gorgeous in it the whole thing is gorgeous and the Doctor and Rose are having such a good time I enjoy it when the characters I like get a bit of happiness every once in a while
gif 1k Merry Christmas doctor who turn left wilfred doctor who gifs Doctor Who GIF dwedit dw edit doctor who christmas
gif doctor who Graphic clara oswald doctor who graphic twelfth doctor whouffaldi whouffaldi collection
doctor who amy pond eleventh doctor Rory Williams Donna Noble Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor Graphic Martha Jones ninth doctor amelia pond NuWho clara oswald twelfth doctor
doctor who eleventh doctor superwholock fandom fangirl
gif 1k doctor who eleventh doctor dwgif 11th Doctor dw gifs dwedit dw edit matt smiyj
doctor who dw 12th doctor doctor who spoilers twelfth doctor heaven sent
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