• doctor who matt smith the doctor sherlock martin freeman supernatural house tom hiddleston The Avengers loki Benedcit Cumberbatch cumberhonay •
doctor who matt smith the doctor sherlock martin freeman supernatural house tom hiddleston The Avengers loki Benedcit Cumberbatch


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My friends say I shouldn't like Tom Hiddleston because he is too old, he is only 31. Imagine if they...
Matt Smith (29) Jared Padalecki (30) Jensen Ackles (34) Andrew Scott (35) Benedict Cumberbatch (36) Misha Collins (37) Martin Freeman (40) Jeremy Renner (41) Richard Speight Jr (41) David Tennant (41) John Barrowman (45) Robert Downey Jr (47) I apologise for any ovary explosions this pos...
I need to start following some blogs...
Soooo….If you love nerdy angels Co-dependant brothers High functioning sociopaths And their Blogger’s And lets throw in a mad man with a box to! And espicially if your into bad ass demi gods Or earths mightiest super heroes Then Please Reblog!!!! Don’t just like because if ...
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The loneliest people Are often The ones Who hide it The best
  • David Tennant:Look at that! They have a whole day of every week devoted to me! That's so flattering! Wait a minute, adam's apple appreciation post? Hair porn??
  • Matt Smith:Do I really dress like that?
  • Benedict Cumberbatch:Oh god they know. They know I'm in love with Martin. Wait... it's all Sherlock and John. Whew. What's this? "Johnlock slashfic"? Well it wouldn't hurt to read just one...
  • Martin Freeman:I AM NOT A HEDGEHOG.
  • Tom Hiddleston:ehehehehehehehehe
  • Jensen Ackles:What the hell is Destie-- ohhhh.
  • Jared Padalecki:Why do Jensen and Misha always get to be cute cartoon characters and I'm always a moose.
  • Misha Collins:YUS. MOAR DESTIEL.
MOFFAT: Sherlock guest role in Doctor Who!
Steven Moffat announces that BBC’s modern interpretation of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his loyal companion John Watson (Martin Freeman) will appear as guest roles in an episode in the next series of Doctor Who.  Full Moffat interview under the Read More [[MORE]] SORRY! Now: Pre...
Tumblr: The Movie Announcement Trailer audio http://hammn.tumblr.com/
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