• * doctor who *** peter capaldi long post dwedit new companion Pearl Mackie i cried like 7 times making this even though it required no effort hellofabird •

doctor and companion + first promo pic

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doctor who matt smith dw spoilers my stuff 50th anniversary peter capaldi WHAT WAS THAT and everyone else dwedit long post warning the time of the doctor a gifset 50 years in the making no literally it took me 50 years to do this but matts regen????? I MEAN I DONT OBJECT NECESSARILY BUT WOW I CHOKED ON THE RIVER OF MY TEARS
doctor who my graphics Twelve peter capaldi dwedit twelfth doctor this sorta just happened i mean it's not the way i pictured it (i didn't mean for it to look like he's looking at that planet) ( [but that's how it turned out] )
doctor who mine edit this is great peter capaldi jenna coleman this is so exciting ugh new doctor new year new bangs for jenna no new costume tho where is it bbc I need it yo
doctor who dw peter capaldi dwedit lidisedits lidiswho my1k twelfth doctor l: dwgraphics this took me waaay to long I hope you all reblog it :P
gifs doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith spoilers David Tennant Tenth Doctor Christopher Eccleston ninth doctor ps* peter capaldi gifs:dw dwedit twelfth doctor ughh i havent made a gifset in soooo long
doctor who my stuff Twelve peter capaldi twelfth doctor the day of the doctor
mine dw peter capaldi dwedit clara oswald ~edit twelfth doctor new companion Danny Pink new mALE COMPANION NEW MALE POC COMPANION
gif 1k doctor who 5k peter capaldi dwedit jenna coleman twelve x clara finally got around to testing the new gif limit! ...i still hate making 500 px gifs
gif 1k doctor who matt smith m mg David Tennant john hurt *doctor who peter capaldi cristopher eccleston dwedit
doctor who matt smith David Tennant Billie Piper my stuff what am i doing with my life dwedit but i didnt im too lazy to tag everyone ahaha i usually hate long monologues but doctor who is the only exception im sorry for my over (and horrible) use of textures i think i got a bit carried away but i didnt want to make two different posts so enjoy this 'bigger than it needs to be post' long ass post warning you know i could've fit like 7 more speeches into here so i would like to here some graditude and applause for my huge waste of time making this right now while im writing these tags its about 1 oclock in the morning
doctor who the doctor MY EDIT Twelve peter capaldi the twelfth doctor My Edits: Doctor Who I might do a companion piece for Clara But I'm really proud of this one
doctor who mine peter capaldi doctor who spoilers dwsr dwedit twelfth doctor seems like my theory on the doctor's condition while the tardis was miniaturized was right whaT A DORK THOUGH