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You all sound all English!

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Daleks must be good at making souffles because of the whole whisk-hand thing
i gave her the one word test and what did she say Pond
  • whovians:they jumped off a building but they survived
  • sherlockians:we know the feeling
  • whovians:we know how they did it
  • sherlockians:we have theories
  • whovians:but the doctor is alone
  • sherlockians:...john
  • whovians:and brian
  • sherlockians:let us share this shock blanket
  • ...
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“The person on this grave stone has the exact same name as me!” Rory Williams the man who thought the Daleks wanted eggs. 
yes moffat very clever very clever indeed
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I am Oswin Oswald and I fought the Daleks. Remember me, and run. Run you clever boy, and remember.
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