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You all sound all English!

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You all sound all English!
Daleks must be good at making souffles because of the whole whisk-hand thing
i gave her the one word test and what did she say Pond
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this episode is a phenomenal instant new favourite I’m in love with twelve-Clara dynamic Clara is perfect around children I’m going to cry basically Clara is perfect human being Pink is also precious god I’m so happy with this episode
  • whovians:they jumped off a building but they survived
  • sherlockians:we know the feeling
  • whovians:we know how they did it
  • sherlockians:we have theories
  • whovians:but the doctor is alone
  • sherlockians:...john
  • whovians:and brian
  • sherlockians:let us share this shock blanket
  • ...
I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me.
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no but seriously who are you then like where do you fit in all this now
“The person on this grave stone has the exact same name as me!” Rory Williams the man who thought the Daleks wanted eggs. 
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