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Hush little fangirl, dont you squee

Moffat’s gonna kill off your OTP

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gif doctor who David Tennant Jack Harkness John Barrowman Tenth Doctor john simm the master Master poor forgotten otp let me dust you off and cradle you to my bosom these two never fail to impress me with their heterosexual hijinks
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doctor who David Tennant Billie Piper Steps to get a blondie in your bed: first you spend a whole year seducing her with your big ears, blue eyes and lovely smile then you kiss her after she saves your ass to save her ass. Secondly you change your face and show her you're still the one with the big ears. Third you do nothing because she's already drooling and badadoonbadadan suddenly you find yourselves sexing up in every single room/wall/bed of your time machine and then of course you have to take her to see the big weird alien dinosaurs mating to prove her it's legit. Doctor who porn the best kind of porn no really how is this show so pretty and why i'm screwing it with my awful colouring otp: doctor-rose Gif: Doctor Who [2]
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