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Hush little fangirl, dont you squee

Moffat’s gonna kill off your OTP

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Hush little fangirl, dont you squee Moffat’s gonna kill off your OTP
I dreamed a dream in time gone by. When ponds weren’t gone. And Sherlock living I dreamed that Clara wouldn’t die I dreamed that Moffat was forgiving 
Dear Steven Moffat,
I’m sorry you felt the need to leave Twitter because of fan harassment. I won’t plead that you come back. You shouldn’t have to deal with that crap. But you have fans who still think you’re brilliant, who love your work and appreciate your continuation of a brilliant show, an...
I’m a geek. I’m a writer. I spent all of my time in my childhood obsessing about Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who. I was alone, I ...
  • moffat:no, mum, I didn't break the vase.
  • mum:who did it then?
  • moffat:outside the window there was a butterfly and the butterfly flew past the window and our canary saw it and squeaked and the goldfish hit the tank and the cat was interested in the goldfish because the cat is hungry...
  • mum:so the cat knocked over the vase?
  • moffat:or did he?
  • mum:steven--
  • moffat:I guess you'll have to wait till next season.
  • *flies away, cackling madly*
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Steven Moffat is happy. He’s happy Sherlock Holmes isn’t asexual, because there’s “no fun in that.” Of course Sherlock’s not gay, eit...
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So instead of giving us a season 3 of Sherlock, Moffat just writes in 5 minutes of Sherlock into a D...
Well played, Moffat. 
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