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Sex workers shatter the stereotypes about their profession

People from various areas of the sex trade in New York City are opening up In the new documentary The Red Umbrella Diaries, The stories are raw and emotional, touching on themes ranging from coming out to parents to cheap clients with incest fantasies — all the while revealing the truth as they experienced it.

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Documentary sex work Sex Workers The Red Umbrella Diaries
Sex workers should not be expected to defend the existence of sex work in order to have the right to do it free from harm.
A 37-year-old mother of three, she very succinctly told me about her life: “These were my options: I could be apart from my children for 10 ...
It’s so hard defending sex work to civilians without outing yourself as a sex worker and that bothers me SO FUCKING MUCH because it just shows how dangerous it is and how it reflects exactly how society views us. Which is exactly why we need more people to be educated on sex worker issues and spread...
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For people who claim to be "radical," feminists who support criminalizing clients of sex workers sur...
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Sex workers in the Chillicothe, Ohio PLEASE READ
There is a serial killer targeting sex workers and drug addicted women. 6 women in the last year have gone missing and 4 of their bodies have been found. The most recent girl was found on Saturday, after being missing for more than a month. No one is officially calling the person a serial killer y...
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The Master Sex Worker TV Marathon
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