• don't judge me Stiles Teen Wolf derek hale Sterek based off a convo with graciegrace meechwoods •
  • Stiles:so....do you like baseball?
  • Derek:...Stiles, I'm kind of drowning here
  • Stiles:yeah, right. totally.
  • Stiles:...
  • Stiles:but do you like the mets?
  • ...
  • Stiles:marvel or dc?
  • Derek:what does that— there is a kanima RIGHT THERE
  • Stiles:do u like batman?
  • Derek:I don't—
  • Stiles:it's a simple question. everyone knows if they like batman or not
  • Derek:...
  • Stiles:i mean, you have a lot in common—
  • Derek:YES I like batman
  • Stiles:me too
  • ...
  • Stiles:okay, cage match between chuck norris and a honeybadger: who wins?
  • Derek:that's really stupid. i'm not going to answer that
  • Stiles:fine. but I think we both know who would win
  • ...
  • Stiles:I Spy with my little eye...something...GREEN!
  • Derek:...
  • Derek:is it the kanima?
  • Stiles:look at that! you're really good at this game!
  • Derek:i'll show you something i'm really good at...
  • Stiles:okay okay I Spy with my little eye....something blue!
  • Derek:howabout your face after i strangle you
  • Stiles:close, but actually, it was the water, so...not really that close actually. and that's pretty hurtful since I'm the guy making sure it's not you who's the blue one. in case you forgot about that
  • Derek:i'm not playing this game anymore
  • ...
  • Stiles:okay would you rather...lick jackson's foot or french kiss scott?
  • Derek:i would rather drown than keep listening to you
  • Stiles:fine. you come up with something to do. I'm all for singalongs, just throwing that out there
  • Derek:this isn't a road trip, stiles
  • Stiles:well, i've never been on one, so i wouldn't know
  • Derek:you're lucky, then. they suck. getting stuck in the back seat next to your evil big sister all day is terrible
  • Stiles:...yeah? that bad?
  • Derek:no. it was actually pretty okay
  • ...
  • ...
  • Stiles:so i think that if we survive this, you should let me drive your car as a reward
  • Derek:i would sooner drown than let you get behind the wheel of my car
  • Stiles:but if you're dead, you won't be able to stop me
  • Derek:I would come back to haunt you forever
  • Stiles:forever and ever? you promise?
  • Derek:shut up
  • ...
  • Stiles:you know, I could have been getting a thank you kiss from Lydia right now for being her knight in shining armor
  • Derek:poor you
  • Stiles:shut up. you're the damsel in distress here. you should be thanking me
  • Derek:...
  • Derek:I'm not going to kiss you
  • Stiles:I never said you should! you're the only one who went there
  • Derek:I wish you were the little mermaid
  • Stiles:why? so i could swim better?
  • Derek:no. so you couldn't talk
  • Stiles:rude.

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