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Donald Trump

  • Donald Trump
  • Donald T. 
  • Don T. 
  • Don’t. 

I’m glad we had this talk. 

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Donald Trump
Donald TrumpDonald T. Don T. Don’t. I’m glad we had this talk. 
This is truly a historic year. We’re either going to elect a woman, a Jew, the Zodiac Killer, or the start of the Fourth Reich.
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2012: Oh My God, there has never been , or will there ever be a candidate as bad as Mitt RomneyTrump: 
If you're voting for Bernie Sanders
please remember: not many are aware, but a president is extremely, extremely, extremelyyyy limited without a supporting senate and congress. for example, if the majority of the party is republican, as it is with Obama, most of the bills and “promises” brought up will be vetoed and denied by the co...
this fuckin election is so wildwe’ve got Hillary Clinton, who’s like the classic democratic candidate but her only advantage over republicans is that she has sound morals and that’s about itwe’ve got Bernie Sanders, an old white straight guy that fights for the young, poc, gay, and female, who’s an ...
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I have known Hillary Clinton for 25 years. And I know her to be a very hardworking, intelligent person, somebody I worked with in the Senate...