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Download links

it took a long, long time to find all this links so please, like or credit to @faithdls on twitter if you’re using or saving any of this links. enjoy!


Download photoshop

How to install photoshop

  • download the photoshop (x)
  • extract the file with WinRAR (x)
  • right click on the file with the photoshop ‘extract files’

other links fot photoshop

  • PC:

Photoshop CS3:  x
Photoshop CS4: x x
Photoshop CS5: x x x

Photoshop CS6: x x x x

  • Torrent (PC):

Photoshop CS3: x
Photoshop CS4: x
Photoshop CS5: x
Photoshop CS6: x

WinRAR download

Download kmplayer

Download Topaz Clean

Download Atube Catcher

Download QuickTime

Download youtube downloader

Download video converter


Online photo editor (no download)

Snapshot with effects (no download)


resources tumblr with psds, actions, textures and etc

celebritys gallery

screencaps gallery

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Download links
it took a long, long time to find all this links so please, like or credit to @faithdls on twitter if you’re using or saving any of this links. enjoy!   Download photoshop photoshop cs1 photoshop cs2 photoshop cs3 photoshop cs4 photoshop cs5 How to install photoshop download the photoshop (x) extrac...
Photoshop cs [x] Photoshop cs2 [x] Photoshop cs3 [x] Photoshop cs4 [x] Photoshop cs5 [x] Photoshop cs6 [x] [All these downloads for Windows]
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Download links
PHOTOSHOP DOWNLOAD MASTERPOST these are the only download links i found since most of the download links i posted before had been removed. To download, choose which version of photoshop you want and click one of the download links. If it doesn’t work try the other download links. If you need ...
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* 1000 masterpost 5000 resources resource masterpost masterposts yeahps pscs5 it took me 2 days to make this pls appreciate
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Hello friends :) So yeah i decided to make this tutorial because one day my laptop went into get fixed & when i got it back everything was deleted, EVERYTHING ! :@  But yeah so i went about trying to download photoshop again & i fail a numerous amount of times, so here is, in my view the f...