• fun blackwall facts !seems to enjoy fishingescaped a ghast attack armed only with a rock and a heada... dragon age dragon age: inquisition Blackwall not as many for him just not as much info in his party banter tethrasing •

fun blackwall facts !

  • seems to enjoy fishing
  • escaped a ghast attack armed only with a rock and a headache
  • is a huge jousting nerd, argues about who’s the greatest knight of all time with varric
  • has been to kirkwall, specifically the hanged man
  • varric can tell that aveline is stronger than blackwall
  • bull says if blackwall joined the qun he would either be a ben-hassrath or a laborer
  • had a younger sister who died when they were both children
  • lends cassandra his favorite whetstone then lets her keep it
  • helps train inquisition recruits
  • is best friends with sera, calls her “fuzz head”
  • offers to spend the night with sera in the tavern drinking if the inquisitor and sera break up
  • “i stole all the beards, all the power held within. there can be only one

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fun blackwall facts !seems to enjoy fishingescaped a ghast attack armed only with a rock and a headacheis a huge jousting nerd, argues about who’s the greatest knight of all time with varrichas been to kirkwall, specifically the hanged manvarric can tell that aveline is stronger than blackwallbull s...
dragon age mygifs* personal fave hall of shame daedit daedits Blackwall blackwall x inquisitor lumberjack bf otp: heart laid bare why are there so many EXTREME CLOSE UPS in his romance scenes there's not a lot of banter regarding this romance but i really liked that convo between solas and blackwall
dragon age merrill Screenshots image post varric tethras no i'm not crying dragon age inquisition dragon age inquisition spoilers party barks dialogue and banter that's just pollen in my eye
dai cole dragon age iron bull party banter I may even animate this later idk
cole Stickers dragon age sera vivienne long post endrae art Dragon Age 3 varric tethras cassandra pentaghast leliana dragon age inquisition iron bull Solas dorian pavus Blackwall josephine montilyet Cullen Stanton Rutherford wow I actually tagged them all artist alley things
the signs as dragon age origins quotes
aries:  “congratulations. you found a waste bin.” taurus: “ASSCHABS”gemini: “can i get you a ladder so you can get off my back?”cancer: "now, let us crush something soft and watch it fountain blood. that is a girlish thing to want to do, yes?“leo: “whoo eees thees man, teeGA...
Dragon Age 3 dragon age: inquisition daedits vg: Dragon Age 3 gif: myda3 Blackwall ch: blackwall Thom Rainier Not pictured here: The Inquisitor looking directly at the camera. Totally serious gifset alert.
cole dragon age dragon age inquisition forget-me-not flowers in the last pic if you must now irony at its finest but damn this was a hard edit and considering this a rocky return to the series but honestly i had the most difficult of time trying to include stuff for this edit bc all of a sudden i felt like i knew nothing about him perhaps because it's hard to find proper photos of compassion it is invisible just as cole can be but no less real anyways added references to his human and spirit form if you can see with the face claim thomas wearing a black shirt for one and a white shirt in the other mimicking his tarot card choices for his personal mission anyways i hope you enjoy moderndragonage
Solas and Blackwall
I don’t think I want to know the details. “Ass.”
Cole/Solas + Cole/Blackwall
Cole and Solas Banter - Women Cole and Blackwall Banter- Interesting [source]
My art vivienne Dragon Age 3 dragon age inquisition i hecked up Solas i wasn't supposed to get into pre-release hype but i'm a casualty of the hype machine i've accepted my sad fate btw this was meant to be a generic f!qunari inquisitor not iron bull like ppl are tagging it lmfao sobs
dragon age varric dragon age inquisition not as much foreshadowing as foretrolling hope it hasn't been done yet