• fun blackwall facts !seems to enjoy fishingescaped a ghast attack armed only with a rock and a heada... dragon age dragon age: inquisition Blackwall not as many for him just not as much info in his party banter tethrasing •

fun blackwall facts !

  • seems to enjoy fishing
  • escaped a ghast attack armed only with a rock and a headache
  • is a huge jousting nerd, argues about who’s the greatest knight of all time with varric
  • has been to kirkwall, specifically the hanged man
  • varric can tell that aveline is stronger than blackwall
  • bull says if blackwall joined the qun he would either be a ben-hassrath or a laborer
  • had a younger sister who died when they were both children
  • lends cassandra his favorite whetstone then lets her keep it
  • helps train inquisition recruits
  • is best friends with sera, calls her “fuzz head”
  • offers to spend the night with sera in the tavern drinking if the inquisitor and sera break up
  • “i stole all the beards, all the power held within. there can be only one

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