• dragon age mygifs* personal fave hall of shame daedit daedits Blackwall blackwall x inquisitor lumberjack bf otp: heart laid bare why are there so many EXTREME CLOSE UPS in his romance scenes there's not a lot of banter regarding this romance but i really liked that convo between solas and blackwall actualhansolo •

People should seize any chance for a moment’s respite in times such as these. I am glad you’ve allowed yourself some happiness.

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Morrigan mine* dragon age right in the otp personal fave daedits mineda* 800* otp: caring for you was not part of the plan [breathes heavily] morrigan's romance
my edits star wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker mine: star wars anakinobiwan This is one of my favorite aspects of their relationship I find it so disappointing that we only got really brief glimpses of it in the movie like this scene because in TCW and the novels Anakin and Obi-Wan are both incredibly snarky and there's always SO much banter going on between them and their relationship is really a very playful one a lot of the time and I love that
dragon age anders hemys *da Dragon Age: Awakening daedit daedits anders pls that innocent look on his face in the end and the warden is there like what the fff...
MY EDIT Robert Sheehan the mortal instruments Jace Wayland jamie campbell bower simon lewis tmiedit i know this has been probably made thousand times (i don't have time to go through everything under tmi tag to check) but i need these two bickering put into one gifset (since jacexalec's banter has beed reduced to practically nonexistent at least they did these two the justice and eugh please be in everything and bicker all the time so remember when i was reading the books first time and these two were bickering on almost every page and i thought to myself wow what a giant surprise it would be if main heroine had this lanky neurotic babbling best friend and this heroine meets misterious guy all leather and gold hair and badass skills and there are gazes and banter and constant battle of wits and tension and OOOH PLOT TWIST it turns out that it's not about this guy having hots for the heroine BUT FOR HER BEST FRIEND? it's not that i'm invested in shipping these two but oh you know me i'm a sucker for male banter since forever (i'm that cheap and that easy oopsie) and all the possibilities of tunrning it into all pining romance is forever on my christmas and general list
mygifs Grey's Anatomy or something like that there's this convo between yang and karev in 7x22 where she tells him that no one will pass him a glass of water in a burning building so now... i wouldn't be shocked if a burning builiding did happen brace yourself
my gifs psych Shawn Spencer henry spencer psychusa psychedit psychmoments Maddie Spencer (it's maddie right or is it maddy idk) sO LET ME TELL YOU SOME THINGS ABOUT THIS shawn's been mad at his dad since he was 18 not to mention he didn't really like all the 'training' his dad did on him when he was a kid and then his mom comes into town and it's all a surprise right hE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS COMING and she drops this bomb on him after all that time he's never been able to forgive his dad for leaving but it turns out his mom was the one who left and shawn???? forgives her right then and there and altho there's still some distance between shawn and henry this is most definitely a defining point in their relationship there's a lot of character development in this show and shawn and henry's relationship is a major contribution to that (aLSO BTW this moment iS A LOT LONGER it couldn't be fit into gifs but man i got tears watching it again) (aND I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION HENRY COMING IN TO SEE MADDIE AND HE'S MAKING SURE HE LOOKS GOOD TOO LIKE AJFKL;JLVS maddie/henry otp) and james' acting bye
** mine gerard way frank iero mikey way my chemical romance mcr ray toro why did i do this I'm Not Okay
mine Merlin merthur merlinedit merthurmeme i didn't know whether to put this under (b)romance scenes or quotes because i want so badly to include the 4x07 wake up scene in this meme but i can't find a place for it if this was bromance moments i would put it there but i'm doing (b)romance as in scenes that can  be taken as bromance or romance and there's nothing romantic about that scene it's just glorious and i love it because it's typical merthur i don't know why i'm ranting here alright
mine sherlock johnlock long post sherlock meta
A:TLA katara zuko avatar the last airbender shipping zutara rufiozuko dante bosco DB is right about his character here's why in essay form meta meta meta please for the love of god don't try to rip my throat out I KNOW Kataang ended up end game BUT Y'ALL COULD HAVE HAD WAY MORE DEVELOPMENT THAN YOU DID AND I AM CRITIQUING THAT TO AN EXTENT. when you put your strongest moments for two characters in each other and not their love interests lmao /plays adele. we coulda had it ALLLLLLLL ROLLINGGGG IN THE DEEEEEEPPPP
mine sherlock mycroft holmes sherlock spoilers mary morstan sherlock theories sherlock meta his last vow
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