• dragon age mygifs* personal fave hall of shame daedit daedits Blackwall blackwall x inquisitor lumberjack bf otp: heart laid bare why are there so many EXTREME CLOSE UPS in his romance scenes there's not a lot of banter regarding this romance but i really liked that convo between solas and blackwall actualhansolo •

People should seize any chance for a moment’s respite in times such as these. I am glad you’ve allowed yourself some happiness.

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mine Morrigan isabela dragon age 2 merrill dragon age: origins sera vivienne aveline vallen Marian Hawke dragon age: inquisition leliana daedit daedits if i excluded your fave im sorry i really wanted cassandra and bethany and wynne but sadly only eight slots if you have a problem please dont send or comment on this im in a lot of pain right now and not in a great mood
My art vivienne Dragon Age 3 dragon age inquisition i hecked up Solas i wasn't supposed to get into pre-release hype but i'm a casualty of the hype machine i've accepted my sad fate btw this was meant to be a generic f!qunari inquisitor not iron bull like ppl are tagging it lmfao sobs
myedit dragon age daedit dragon age inquisition Blackwall
Morrigan mine* dragon age right in the otp personal fave daedits mineda* 800* otp: caring for you was not part of the plan [breathes heavily] morrigan's romance
cole dragon age *edits PHEW varric tethras cassandra pentaghast dragon age inquisition da:i Solas *dai Blackwall dragon age inquisition spoilers
mine dragon age mine:da *1000 dragon age: inquisition daedits da:i DA:I spoilers Solas to be honest i am not sure the last gif is the same scene but whatevs solas holding the inquisitor's hand needed its own post
my edits star wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker mine: star wars anakinobiwan This is one of my favorite aspects of their relationship I find it so disappointing that we only got really brief glimpses of it in the movie like this scene because in TCW and the novels Anakin and Obi-Wan are both incredibly snarky and there's always SO much banter going on between them and their relationship is really a very playful one a lot of the time and I love that
Morrigan dragon age daedits gamediting sin** dorianpavus IS THERE ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN MAGES morrigan's ruthless survivalist nature appeals to me so much because she's incredibly self-aware except when it comes to admitting her feelings :') she lies to herself about some things but... she is aware of what is going on in the rest of the world and she's so cunning she is aware of how mages and elves are oppressed but she doesn't believe in risking her neck to free those who can't free themselves yet she is idealistic to a degree? she /wants/ change; she welcomes change and you can be sure she is pulling her own strings in DA:I as she always is this line gets to me so much; i need no faith for magic to fill me up inside god i love how morrigan never apologizes for who she is; i love that so much because the norm is for mages born in circles to regret their lot in life; the burden of being born a mage (unless you're in tevinter) but morrigan was never in a circle and she relishes in it and ughhh i love you so much several of the other companions get into convos with her abt how she's so cruel and she'll die alone etc and this was in a convo with leliana about the maker and god it's JUST MORRIGAN FINDS SOLACE IN MAGIC OTHER MAGES HATE THEMSELVES FOR THEIR MAGIC BUT SHE FINDS SOLACE AND SECURITY IN IT
sorry representation dragon age bioware long post dragon age inquisition
bara dragon age: inquisition iron bull da: i Blackwall full paintings
dragon age Dragon Age 3 daedits dragon age inquisition gamediting sin** i slapped this together at 4 am don't judge also solas grabbing the inquisitor's hand is of the utmost importance to me....
Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life