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UPDATE: Day 15 with 50% to go. Donations have slowed so the game is at risk of missing it’s goal to be funded. Click here for more info

The most ambitious dragon game ever is hitting kickstarter!

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a dragon?
Choose between helping and pillaging towns
Designing your custom dragon to take flight within the lands?
Well Red Level Games wants to make the game we have all wanted a reality!

I’ve been following this game for a while now, and they have made some huge improvements to the baseline of the game. It’s still very early right now, but it has still had an amazing reception so far


I’ve spoken with the devs on the forums, and they aim to take this game as far as they can. Even if the game only reches a set level of stretch goals, they will continue on to seek out future investments from companies and using the game that kickstarter helps build to seek out investments to push their dream even further.

This means that the more funding this game recived from us, the better they can build it, giving them a greater chance at even more funding from larger companies. So your donation will help push the game exponentially.


Lets help build the dragon game we have always wanted!

  • Improved gameplay at 30k
  • Building better groundwork and improved graphics at 100k
  • PVP and CO-OP multiplayer at 250k
  • Dynamic world economics at 450k
  • Huge graphics upgrade at 470k
  • Cinimatics and voice acting at 650k
  • $1,000,000 milestone will bring advanced flight physics, yet another graphical upgrade, massive plot lines you can follow, and ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ to make this the greatest dragon game the world has seen!

There are many more milestones between these, visit the kickstarter page to take a look at everything else they have planned!

I also have a few keys for the game, so even if you can’t support it, I’ll be doing a raffle at the end to all those who reblog this post to see who will get a free copy of the game

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UPDATE: Day 15 with 50% to go. Donations have slowed so the game is at risk of missing it’s goal to be funded. Click here for more infoThe most ambitious dragon game ever is hittin...
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