• draws dragon age da fenris garrett hawke FenHawke i don't actually own da so i'm watching playthrus on youtube and it's PAINFUL the sass is too real someone pointed out that i made fenris too pale and i was like naaaw but my screen was actually on dim and so i fixed it... rhymewithrachel •

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art comic doodle dragon age merrill fuoco draws DA2 Marian Hawke da stuff DA Headcanon merrihawke this is a mess but still i m ust fmerrihawke and this is not me being fenris nor isabella critical they are gems and not anders critical but his outfit makes him look ready for my f ucking funeral
i’ve seen a lot of fandom negativity lately so i think i’m going to start posting DA character positive stuff and since i’ve been in a fenris mood lately i’ll start there so here are some awesome things about my fave glowing elf:fenris is incredibly intelligent and diplomatic. he speaks three differ...
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food i guess we'll see GALAXY DONUT DUN DA DUN STAR GLITTER EVERYWHERE also paint on my hands but i will eat one of these and hopefully not be transported to another dimension
harry potter confused this  was intended to be a snape joke but that wound is too fresh D': last week a child bullied me on the bus he was like ten he said hello to me I said hello then he wipped out a a rubber i do not mean the sex rubber I mean the marmelade one and wobbled it around on my face and said I have a rubber! I have a rubber! I would like to tell you that I gave him a lecture and that he now knows not to show his rubbers in such a pushy way but I was just so and I just stared at him and he stared back and he put his rubber back and we continued to ride the bus where did he even got that rubber it was one of those really thick ones you use for those giant marmelade cups maybe I should have asked but children are so confusing to me even though I actually did my 8th grade school internship at our local kindergarden and on the last day I found out that like 25% of the children attending that kindergarten were my cousins we are from a small village were you my cousin as well rubber boy?
star wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Qui-Gon Jinn Anakin Skywalker sw YukiPri art Obikin star wars prequels I don't care if it's platonic or romantic quiobi QuiObikin This started out as a simple 'Obi-Wan needs hugs especially from Qui and Ani' and ended in 'What have I done.' despite that i am actually surprisingly satisfied with how this came out I SHIP THE THREE OF THEM TOGETHER OKAY QUI > OBI < ANI i know there's not much of them all together but HE DESERVES BOTH OKAY I love both ships i will not choose one Obi deserves to have both of them at his side for the rest of his eternal afterlife They both gave him so much shit yes Qui you too are not innocent but gods he loves them so much and everything he did was for them and they loved him just as much in return but never showed it or acted on it enough while alive come on happy dead gay ghosties after the initial sobfest of course (also giggling because after i drew it i realized in the first pic it looks like bb Ani is sneakily and innocently cockblocking Qui u go lil child)
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Leia’s anger is so important to me. The way it’s portrayed is so important to me – it’s never mocked or ridiculed, or shown as overly emotional or overwrought or irrational. It feels like an inherent part of her, not just a by-product of everything she’s suffered since Alderaan got blown up in anh. ...
dragon age dragon age 2 hawke FemHawke fenris DA2 enyim ye i immediately thought of something cheesy and adorable when i saw the post ive been drawing nonstop today i have to stop holy shit
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